Spice Anything hookup in us?

Discussion in 'General' started by eyec0n, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So I tried Spice Gold in 2008 and loved it. Had to quit for a while to pass a drug test so I can get a promotion and it was just what I needed to keep from, for lack of a better term, killing all the idiots. I've been smoking like crazy for like a year after I got my job and I've quit this time for a few different reasons - health, money (just moved out on my own and I cant afford $400+/Mo. on weed) and most importantly job security. I still want to smoke, just not all day everyday like I have been. The problem is I feel like an idiot when I smoke after I go for like a week or so without smoking. Its been about a month now and I can finally pass a drug test with out help, and that's a great feeling I don't want to give up (I've only been able to pass a drugtest on my own twice in the last 7 years). I guess this is where the spice gold comes into play. I just wanna get blazed on the weekends, and I think a little Spice Gold once in a while would be great for this. I do some research and find that its coming under fire. Pisses me off because salvia is still legal... wtf go figure right? I know its like "half-illegal" or some bullshit and people can still get it.

    Short message: I've been searching all over and nobody wants to post a link in a forum so could someone hook me up in a pm??? Much thanks and peace :hello::smoking:

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