spetember 11th was just the begining

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. While it is still unknown what the cause of the plain crash is, I can hardly not believe that this is a new terror attack. I hoped that things would become somewhat in more safer water, but I'm afraid things will get more tensed for a lot of us. I mean I won't fly that comfortably anymore.

    I hope we will not bend to these new threats, I think it is sick to use suicide bombs or commandos on innocent people, I hate war, but I think we have no alternative to the things we do in Afghannistan, we are fighting evil with evil, a sad siuation. All this loss of lives makes me so helpess and sad.

    I think of the new yorkers being hit which so much tragedy in a short time, my thoughts go out to them.

    Peace people, let's take care of each other in this Utopian grasscity of ours.

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  2. ((((((hugs to all grasscity members)))))))

    Well said, SJ.
  3. September 11 was the beginning...................but not the beginning of the end.(except maybe for the Taliban ,etc.) Perhaps the beginning to a better understanding ,to a more unified world (whatever shape that might be). Agreed ,we all do resist change...........
    and regardless of how we resist it ,change will come.

    My condolences to those who have been saddened by this most recent tragic accident through the loss of a loved one ,or loss of faith. All reports are calling it a crash caused by mechanical failure. More needs to be done to avoid this type of accident from happening again. But remember ,change is not always good , change will always happen regardless of it's overall effect. And somehow............the survivors will collect themselves............and carry on.


  4. I will second that Stony. ((((((((((((Hugs to everyone)))))))))))

    Roach, I don't think there were any terroist in the planes from what i've herd. I do believe there might have been tampering to the plane though.

    SJ Thanks for posting information of things going on in the USA. But lets not forget about our brother Aussies and other innocent people who are closer to the bad problems and happinings of the world. We don't see much of what is happining in there neck of the woods (so to speak).

    Peace to all the people of the world. Maybe soon we can enjoy talk of peace instead of wars!!!!!!!!!
  5. ...we'll get tired of kicking each others asses and just sit down, start licking our wounds, be tired of fighting, just kinda hang out, and not give a shit for awhile. And then maybe go for soda, cause nobody hurts and nobody dies, might as well go for a soda, it's better than slander, it's better than lies!

  6. My sorrow goes with all of those in NY , another tragedy seemingly in the wake of sept 11, is definatly a blow to the mindset.........
  7. ill take a soda with my blades in our utopia
    an ya'll made me cry
  8. Totally with you on this one! Its about time something is done about terrorism the world over, I work about 100yards away from where the canary wharf (UK) bomb went off all that time ago, it still scares me to think it could happen again, It shouldnt be accepted as a fact of life that these things happen! The events in september were horrific and what is happening now should go as a warning to all terrorists that this will not be accepted!

    "Cant we all just get along?"
  9. i well never for get,i well not flounder this rock ,my cores is steed fast and to the sail,my heart and mind guides me in my path,may my wisdom and love sets up most in my mind at all crooss raods in my path!and when i reach my gaol and look back on my life in the paths behind me may there be the faces of the millions that i have help stand be for my eyes! may they be my just reward!and let their love and wisdom inpower my soul and sprit to fly apon the winds of time in my next fight a wing,for only the next step guides me now!tazz11
  10. sorry, just a passing taught by tazz11

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