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  1. My sperm smells like a swimming pool/bleach.

    Is this what everyone else's sperm smells like?

    It's like every time I jerk it I get a wave of nostalgia from being a little kid at the waterpark.
    Brings back memories.
  2. Hahaha, yeah it generally does have a chlorine-ish smell
  3. What the fuck is in your swimming pools?

    My stuff doesnt smell like chlorine.

    Next time i beat it ill edit this post and let you guys know what it smells like.
  4. Thanks guys, It seems most people have that chlorine smell, I just thought it was the water I was drinking or something. Actually, I wonder if it could be, since I bet most of us are drinking from chlorinated water sources. hmmm
  5. It's vaguely bleachish, yes, however... If it's noticeable without you putting your face in it, you might have an issue.
  6. Negative. Mine is scent-less.
  7. Why is everyone smelling their jizz?
  8. I too, wish to know :confused:
  9. mine smells like fire ass weed
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    No chlorine. It's triethylamine. Try working with a beaker full of the stuff *insert vomit emoticon*.

    Edit: I just re-read my post and want to make it clear I'm talking about a beaker of TEA, not a beaker of jizz lol..
  11. Maybe you should taste it too. Might help describe it better.
  12. I dont usually let my semen get that close to my face...
  13. me either.....where they do that at?

  14. oh yeh and everyone who masturbates is a faggot for touching dick:rolleyes:
  15. mine smells like paint thinner and maple syrup.

    is that bad?

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