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  1. Any of you guys give away a batch of your little men to get some money in a crutch? I've always thought about it, but to think that I would have a child out there that I would never meet kinda bothers me. Whats your thoughts bout this? I've always wondered how much u'd get paid for this too and how often you can do it.
  2. Ok I got this from a sperm donation site.

    • You are paid $75 for every ejaculate that meets our minimum sperm count, a payment that increases to $90 after your first 25 acceptable ejaculates.
    • You are paid $200 when you complete the exit blood test, which is required six months after you retire from the program.

    I've defintily thought about this, and it sounds like a good way to make some cash. But, it would be pretty awkward if you ever got a call from someone who turned out to be your child that wanted you to raise them because their Mom isn't working out. Sorry for the rambling.
  3. id have no qualms with some kids floatin around out there. but i dont think you can donate if you smoke weed
  4. Im gonna spread my seed to lesbians everywhere.
  5. hell yeah i'd yank it for $75, could buy some good weed with that =D
  6. ever think of donating plasma? around here, you can get $50 bucks.

    obviously it doesn't feel as pleasent than donating sperm, but there is another idea. i have actually thought about doing it myself, but i don't like the way it sounds.
  7. I dunno about in the US but over here you can't donate if you smoke weed. Kinda sucks cos otherwise I'd donate blood (and probably sperm too)
  8. i think its the same if you are in the us
  9. i think also that depending on your background info you can get more cash, like if you went to college and what kind of degree you have. if you have the proof to show what your IQ is, no criminal record, eye, hair even skin color, and all kinds of stupid shit that really matters to people.

    thats at least the case i know for women who donate their eggs. why wouldnt they want to partner up with a dude who happened to be a masters in bio-engineering
  10. So I go watch some porn.. beat off into a cup... get my money, go buy some ganj with that money... wow, sounds like a good day to me.
  11. i flush my kids down the toilet [​IMG]

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