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spending 110 on green need some help on weight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brownj, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. so me and my buddy have been sober from cannabis for about a month or two each so were playin on buying about 110$ worth of some of the best weed u can get....

    i would like to ask yall if yall could list the weed and the proper weight i should get for 110$

    please and thanks ahead of time!
  2. lol u cant just say like that

    where do u live
  3. Weed prices and availability vary from place to place.

    Just depends on your location and your connects.
  4. There are general norms though guys.

    If you're getting dank, you should be getting around a quarter ounce (7 grams) for 110 dollars.
  5. Okay, first of all, weed is not like coffee or any other commercial product.
    The prices depend on dealer, location, strain and many other conditions.
    Asking how much you can get on an internet forum is not going to help.
    You have to ask a DEALER. He (or she) is the only one who will know.

    Now personally, I get a quarter of some dank for 100 or 110.
    You may also be able to get an ounce of some good mids or possible a few ounces of shwag.
  6. Somewhere in California you will catch about 10$ a gram which is about the size of a an American quarter with a pile of dank on it could be three times the money depending where your at... In my experience of being most states average around 80-110$ for a quarter ounce of good or great smoke. that would be about two fingers of a sandwich bag.. Go to a disk golf course(frizbee Golf) Those guys got the dank for cheap. Also grab a scale from a head shop for about three bucks.. this will help you know when you have been ripped off..
  7. yea right i get a half oz of BC bud for 105 and O for $200 ... beasters alll day everyday


    1-i've been sober for a month or 2, t-break. i've only been blazin for 9 months.
    2-i havnt bought enough smoke in the time ive been smokiin, to know in general a half o cost.3-I;M NOT THE POPO GETTIN THE HIP DOWN LOW......
  9. i could get at least 10 grams of the best amazing dankest weed around here for $110:)
  10. for 110 ill get a fat quarter of some dank kush or northern lights
  11. It varies i can get an ounce of northern lights for 200 bucks, or white hamalayan haze for 150-180 depending on o or o and a half
  12. dude you blew my mind when I read that. :hippie:

  13. You just blew my fucking mind man. +rep
  14. if u got 110$ go buy some purple haze,fire, and KB, well it also depend on ur dealer, im cool wit mines so i can get about a dub each for 110$.
  15. 100 is decent for a quarter in cali. normally we get it for 85 or 90
  16. probably a 1/4 of really dank bud. but it always matters on where you live
  17. 3/4 OZ of really nice chronic
  18. Here in Alberta, Canada, you can get a half of great hydro for $100... When it's in season (soon, so soon) BC outdoor grown bud can go for 120-150 an ounce, and it's some of the best smoke ever... Alberta is the province beside BC, just on a side note.:D

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