"Spend Time With Your Plants"

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  1. Hey guys,
    Im fairly new to the forums here but ive been reading posts and once in a while you will hear a mention about spending quality time with your plants to increase the plant's health, or someone will make a joke like "you just have to sit them down and talk to em after dinner."

    Ive actually noticed that was true...
    I have a hidden room setup in the back of my closet, and yesterday i was sitting there with my laptop just looking at some pictures of plants to compare mine too since my seeds came from a bag of bag-seeds ive collected i figured i can figure out the strain if i found a match :eek:

    Now all my temps and guages and ph meters were where i wanted them to be but while sitting there i just noticed an uncomfortable climate like bad fung-shuey lol. So I went and bought a few more CFLS and another light and setup the plants in different positions and a little bit further apart. Hung the new light up about a foot away from the other one to give the space a more relaxed, wider feeling.

    Tonight I went in to check on my lucious ladies and I was amazed. Roxxane (a light green color with dark red hairs) was fully spread and the light green color was almost glowing, The Twins (suspected to be 2 different skunk strains) were alot more relaxed and softer looking, and Chee Chee (starting to haze up so we shall see :D) had alot of malnutritioned leaves at the bottom that looked alot healthier.

    So guys if you are having trouble with your plants and cant figure out why by reading your meters, just open your growbox, growroom, garden, etc ;) and just spend time with your plants, just think how you can make that their space more comfy, after all it is their home :hello:
  2. you are so right,I like to have a bowl and watch my babies grow. my plants are from a bag of seeds i have so i have no idea what they are.
  3. yeah i do the same thing, sometimes ill be sittin on my ass and just be like i should go check on it, then i go and sit and smoke a bowl or two and just make sure things are good, its kinda like a kid to me
  4. i personally go into my grow room, play some relaxing music, and smoke my plats out with a joint, fun fun
  5. a good friend all around
  6. So I'm not wierd after all...
  7. The biggest factor here IMO is the CO2 your breathe produces. it sounds trivial, or too simple to be true, but it is. Your breath average volume is around .5-1.5 liters, and your exhale CO2 concentration is around 45,000 PPM. Thats right, 45,000 Parts per Million. That means if you spend 5 minutes in a closet sized grow room your co2 can go up 100-300 ppm depending on the ventillation you have there. Plus, average indoor CO2 is also higher, usually double the outside CO2, again depending on your vent of your home. So if your starting with indoor air of 700PPM (not uncommon, mine was 1300ppm indoors) and add your own breath in the same room as the plants, the CO2 ppm can reach optimum growth levels in just a few minutes, a PPM of 1200-1500. this can double the speed of growth, and maturity...

    So it may seem like the plants grow faster because of your company, and they do, but not because your baby sitting them.
  8. ^ is totally right, its the co2 that we breath out that our plants love so much. ive also read a article somewhere that this guy came up w/ some foliar spray & a special "type" of music thats like steroids for them, its funny to hear, but ill try to find the article & web site of this product. ok found it, the article was in the cannabible 3, & the product is called "sonic bloom" & the site is here->
  9. yeah its the Co2 for sure but dont kid urself its also the good vibes:D
  10. i like to call my unknown bagseeds... orhpans

    its only fitting i think
  11. I try and spend time with my plants each day. Atleast 30 minutes in a room. Its kind of a good vibe to spend time with them and its pretty cool smokn wit my plant. Also i agree with the co2. We do exhale good amounts of co2.:smoking:

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