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    Popped a couple 30mg Adderalls this morning.. Feeelin great with some hybrid homegrown dank and just producing some beats in FL Studio XXL n' VDJ with some technics 1200 mkii.

    What's up my blades!
  2. i got about 15mgs of adderal i was going to maybe pussy speedball on friday(no tolerance to opis or amps), but make a dope ass beat and lemme spit a line one time for ya mind.:D
  3. Shits dangerous, make sure you know your dosing so you don't overdue it. I'll hit you up some, you into hyphy at all? I as well got some bars to spit, colab?
  4. damnnnn, this shit is gettin hot
  5. Everytime I take one of the 30MG Adderalls I get this horrible thing, where my tounge can't rest. It just jumps around in my mouth licking the inside of my teeth like I've swallowed an 8ball..
  6. Hahaha, I bumped a line of some fire hcl shit, feel amazing.

  7. I can never get my damn hands on them! lol
  8. oh, may be that is right.
  9. hah if you know me at all or seen my ipod, 1000 song all bay shit ya heard :cool:

    you from around the bay?

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