speeding up the veging phase..

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  1. hey,

    i move into a new place on october 1st & i hope to grow under an enviro-lite in a wardrobe.

    i need to harvest before jan 1st.

    obviousley i want the full two months for flower which only leaves a month for vege, but i want a way to get the max out of this month.

    i was wondering if there are any ways i could achieve this?

    atm i am thinking of planting the seeds in 2inch pots 14days before i leave, then transporting 4 rooted seeds like this and veging for a month.

    is this a viable plan? are there any other ways to max the time ??????/
  2. get a DWC system
  3. make sure you use the 6400k spec bulbs, i know this sounds basicly but alot of people use 2700k for veg, which still works but isnt asgood as 6400k
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    i dont think that will be possible this time.

    i will probably just have the red envirolight hanging in the wardrobe, and two small energy saving bulbs closer to the plants to lite the lower portions.

    is there anyway i can encourage the leafs to the full 9 fingers earlier?

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