Speeding up autoflower not flowering

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  1. Thanks to all who helped with my other issue on here.

    I have an autoflower (transiberian) that thinks it's a normal plant, it took 10 weeks to show sex, I have just put her into a 12/12 cycle now as I am going away in 65 days and I am really concerned about her not finishing quick enough. She's under a 125 red in a 3 gallon pot in soil, I am not concerned about yield just bringing her to a conclusion as soon as I can (I may get a 250w bulb to make up for the lack of light)

    I have heard some people even put it down to 11 hours of light.

    Any tips

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  2. autoflowers are typically kept at 18/6 from seed to finish, or 24/0 seed to finish.
  3. yes but this one is extremely slow showing sex at 10 weeks, and that was only because I switched to 12/12 the week previously.

    Also it's already 72 cm and the spec said its between 30 and 80 cm range I'm guessing it will exceed that.

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  4. it cant be a auto plant if it as not finished by now after 11 weeks,,so it must be a reguler  seed,,,,so if you flower now at 12/12 or 11/13 ,,to get it to flowerr  it will stretch at least double the hight you got now and if it has sativa in there maybe even triple the hight,,,,,,,,mac
  5. Yeah,most likely a regular seed.
    Is your plant broad leafed(indica) or narrow(sativa) as indicas will finish sooner than sativas.
    If indica or indica dominant you might be lucky and finish round your 65 days deadline.
    Sativas generally take a bit longer.
    As mac says above its gonna get big now,have you got the room as you were expecting a smaller one?
  6. its bang in the middle of the two according to autoflowers seeds.com, but I can probably assume this might be something completely different, going by what you guys are saying I am going to switch to 10 lights on 14 lights off to give myself the best shot. Thanks guys

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  7. Yeah got the height thankfully

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  8. Did the plant finish? I have an auto that's almost 16 weeks old and not showing sex yet. It's kc45, I read other reports of problems with this strain.
  9. ------------------hi did your plant finish what was the strain and what seed breeder did it come from...at 16 weeks it should have finished ages ago ,,,what every you guys are or were growing they was not autos,,,,if they were some thing went really wrong with them ,,,,,mac
  10. The strain is have is KC45 from Kc Brains, it's a cheap seed that had mixed reviews. It's a Sativas heavy auto. I put it onto 12/12 about a week ago, it started growing faster but still no pre-flowering yet, still hoping it's actually a photoperiod.
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    i remember when i first started growing from Femmed seeds around 2003 i bought a packet of Bahia black head (or some thing sounding like that name) from KC brains...ive got to say they were a complete failure ,,,when i complained the seller said KC had just been experimenting and had just put a few of his so called fem seeds in to a packet of reg seed....mac 
  12. If it didnt sex in 3-4 weeks from seed its no auto period.  Some times it happens, its sad but true.  I had a bad pack of autos (10 pack)  half turned out to be auto the other I had to pull out and set up another area for 12/12 that sucked.
    It should start to show sex any day if its been in 12/12 for a week.  Hope things turn out for ya 16 week veg should be a monster :)
  13. I'm not sure how much of a monster it really is, I had to top, lst and super crop it so it didn't burn on my light. My space is pretty short, just over a metre.
  14. Thankfully my KC45 have finally started showing sex, got some pistils on several of the tops across both plants, gave them both a good lollipopping to get rid of a lot of the lower stuff that wouldn't have produced anyway, I have them in a taller tent now and they are back on 12/12, f they dont continue flowering, I'll assume they are Photoperiod plants, if they continue to flower then I have to go with some of the comments I read on the strain which was they autoflower based on height and not time. strange situation, but glad they finally started showing and they are both female. I just hope I dont make them Hermies by putting them back into 18/6.
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    hopefully I can get a nice harvest from this sativa/ruderalis strain
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    Be careful when doing anything to an auto flowering plant. Topping, trimming, transplanting- anything, because autos are really sensitive with stress and they'll die, hermi or get really stunted on you if you're not careful.
  16. That would explain why they took so long to flower then, they still seem to be flowering, the light change back to 18/6 doesn't seem to have sent them back to veg.

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