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Speeding up a slow Germination

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by manofmeans, Jan 28, 2009.

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    First off, hi, i am new to growing and have really only been smoking for several months. I got two seeds off a good batch and germinated them with the paper towel + plastic baggie method. 1 seed I put in front of a plant light and the other I put in the dark.

    It has been 7-8 days and nothing has sprouted. I initially used plain spring water, then water with nutrients. The seed that I put in the light had some bacteria issues, I cleaned it and inadvertently removed the cuticle shell. The other one has just been chilling.

    So my first question is: is the seed that had bacteria a lost case? or both seeds?
    My second question: Is there a way I can assist/ force the germination, like force the shell open?

    Edit: The place I'm keeping the seeds in is warm.
  2. ive heard of people cutting the top of it an keeping it in there for about a day maybe two more day's an its sprouts verrrry fast carefull not to cut too much though as for the other seed sounds like a dud
  3. hmmm, cutting the top eh? Which end should i cut? the pointed end, or the blunt end?

  4. You have any more seeds?
    If so, I'll share with you, a fail proof way.

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    What do you mean by bacteria...?...did it get fuzz on it?...If so its a good sign there is no life in that seed...its dead

    I wouldnt cut the seed...the idea is to get moisture to the inside of the seed quicker...cutting is too sloppy...the better technique is to rub the seed shell with fine sand paper...not too much, but just enough to rub through the hard outter shell.

    You said the place the seed is at is warm...it germinates quicker if heat radiates upwards from under it...get it warm under neath with out cooking it.

    Dont give up on germanation...sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks...

    Good luck
  6. the pointy tip hope my info helped if not sandpaper is also another possibilty but dont just use any type of sandpaper you find in your garage i would say maybe 220 grit or 320 grit maybbbe alittle bit less if you go smooth an slow an very very gently you can find them in any autobody store's in the sanding / painting prep isle

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