speeding ticket!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. booo. today i was going down the highway, had to merge, so i sped up to pass a guy. i guess a radar was around, and they figured i should of slowed to let him go infront of me...

    196$ ticket. ugh...

    luckily my friends big bag of weed in his pocket never became an issue...

    i think i owe about 800$ in tickets now... jesus.
  2. That sucks man, I sympathize for ya.

    I too just got a ticket, but just a parking one.

    What kinda lame ass town doesn't allow you to park between 2 and 6 am?

    Oh well, I'll wait for a few months before they ask for the money.
  3. last time i got a ticket was proably a year ago. Was doing 110 in a 60 900$ ticket.... never paid a dime

  4. Have you put it off, or did you get out of it somehow?? :confused:
  5. I never would have thought a stoner could get a speeding ticket..... I always go the speed limit, or slower, depending on how high I am. Last time I went out to get some munchies, and as I pulled out onto the highway I was going about 10mph, and slowed down to 3-5mph once I was on it, and then all of a sudden there was a van on my ass that came out of nowhere (I took too damn long) and I'm going maybe 2mph now, and wondering what the hell his problem is... then I look at my speedometer and realise it's MY problem, and then BBBRRRAAAAAGGHH!!! I speed up to 55 instantly. They knew I was stoned, I'm sure, cause I looked back through my rear window at them with this glazed look on my face and saw their face in awe...
  6. i just got a ticket yesterday... my first.... been lucky for a while, knew it was comming... I HATE STATE COPS!!! i was speeding home because i had din din waiting for me and i was high as hell... goin bout 90 over a big hill then i decided that could be a bad idea because i didnt know what was on the other side... so i dropped down to 80(this is in a 55 by the way) and as soon as i hit the top of the hill i see a little red light on top of a car.. SHIT!! breaks breaks breaks! he ended up radaring me at 71... gave me the ticket for 60... 5 over isnt bad.. but when i was pulling over he was riding my ass and my right front tire went into a ditch... not a small one either.. after trying to go foward and turning to get out i just went farther in then tried putting it in 4 wheel drive but even then my tires were spinning... had to call a truck to pull me out... took 20 damn seconds and put me back $60... I HATE COPS
  7. I havent gotten a ticket in 2 years but I made the last ticket count Street Racing and 110 in a 55. Got my car impounded spent the night in jail and had to pay $800 in fines and another grand to get my car back. It was my bad I was the one racing and all I cared about was letting my friend (I was racing him) get away.

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