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Discussion in 'General' started by chevyguy2034, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. i got a two hundred dollar speeding ticket last night at 3 am. i was wondering if you guys think my insurance is gonna go up. i was obviously thinking it was, but i have a couple of friends that have had speeding tickets and their rates didn't budge. what do you guys think?
  2. depends on what insurance plan you have.

    i'm not sure how this worked, but my mom brought her case to "court" (she didnt actually go to court) and they dismissed it toally (fees and records), but if she gets another ticket within 7 years she cant do shit except pay up.

    my brother also once like sent a letter of apology to the police and they dismissed the fees, but kept the records. no clue how that worked.

    sorry, i dont think i helped at all


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  3. depends what state you live in. auctually no wait.. no it doesnt. its considered a moving violation and your insurance goes up quite a bit. i just got one myself about 4 weeks ago. my isurance went from 1700 a year to 2400 a year.

    EDIT: also realize massachusetts has the highest insurance rates in the country....
  4. Just dont let your insurance company know and your fine, next time you go to switch insurance you'll be asked about prior tickets and whatnot If you tell them it'll go up.

  5. :confused: Doesn't your insurance company already know when you pay your premium that you've gotten a ticket? Mine seems to.
  6. how fast over where you going.

    If its under ten (prolly not) its not going on insurance. if it is most states have a class you can take to get it reduced. I got 2 tickets within a week and my lawyer got one of the dismissed and the other reduced so nothing happened to my insurance. If you can afford it, i would get a lawyer. They will prolly send yo stuff in the mail and just pick the cheapest one.

    Edit. + rep on the Jay Z quote
  7. i was doin 73 in a 50, nothin major, - is there a way i can keep the insurance company from knowing?

    thanks for the rep

  8. i think that really is considered major. 23 miles over the speed limit is major. and no you cant keep your insurance co from finding out. hopefully you dont pay month to month if you do they'll probably catch it your next pay cycle.
    i pay mine yearly and it wasnt untill i was up for renual that they found it. if you pay monthly i think they check every payperiod.
  9. I would get a lawyer, and he will get it reduced to not go on the insurance. You will save money in the long run definatley.

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