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    yo whats up peoples''''so i took 2 hits of acid and a adderallxr 30''''like two an a half hours ago''''and i was longboardin around my town and theres like this crazy like riot drill the cops were doing''''had like people with signs and shit blocking off like 20 people on horses''''the pigs were throwing smoke grenades and shit''''i was up on like a roof of a building watching it''''i like to skate around when im coming up and that shit was nuts''''lites everywhere''''police dogs and people getting attacked''''thats the craziest shit ever i kept thinking they were really fighting''''
  2. what are all you peops doing this night?
    im twisted tripiing
    gonna drink a beer
  3. check this outtt'''its driving me crazy

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  4. check it

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  5. Hell yea man! Good vibes your way!:p
  6. thanks dude. man tonights gonna be sweet. i had class and ive just been chillaxing all day. not much better than that
  7. Sounds like a fun combo , Good Vibes!:)
  8. ya it makes the acid real intense and fast. everything is moving. i cant tell if its me or the walls'haha good vibes though

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