Speed Queen Computer Case Grow

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  1. I built this case for myself about a week ago. Its put together like crap, but it holds up:p. Bought a nice tall aluminum Antec computer case, cabon filter replacement pads, some lights and of course... some seeds.

    2x 150w Cool White CFL Bulbs. They're so big and bright.
    2x 100w Daylight CFL Bulbs.

    Fox Farm organic with worm castings. Added about 20% Perlite.

    The interior of the case is brushed aluminum and reflects the lights pretty well so I wont be putting any type of reflector inside.

    Also, I just got my seeds from gypsy today. I bought Mandala Speed Queen (germinating as I type), Nirvana New Purple Power, Nirvana Indoor mix and they sent me some freebies of S. African Durban x Skunk #1 Called Sam the Skunkman.

    Here are some pics of what I got set up

    The Light in my room was on in pic #3, I had to turn the shutter speed to all the way up to not get glare... thats how bright it is in there!!!

    My Seeds:smoke:
  2. I put 4 of my seeds in some wet paper towel about 24 hours ago, checked em just now and all of them are showing the white root tips...

    pic. They all look the same.

    Also mounted the lights up a little better so they dont sag so much.
  3. Looking good!

    Are you using a standard PC Power Supply, and if so, are you keeping it inside or outside of the case?
  4. very interesting ill be watching.
  5. Good Luck!

    I have a speed queen in a 5.5" pot and she is 26" tall from the soil. Are you going to train these?

    I had a tough time with the freebie dp X s#1. Mine would not crack or if they do, they just stop. The sprouts are very stretchy.
  6. Ok, so the computer case isnt gonna be used, haha. I have a dresser with a pretty large cabinet... see in pic. I cut two decent size box holes for fans (one inlet, one exhaust), plently of room for more lights than I can handle. When the doors are closed, no light shines through. Also, the temps stay pretty cool but I still need to get a thermometer though.

    All the plants sprouted at around the same time. I have a 250W HPS light coming in tomorrow. Annnnnd thats about it.

    Til tomorrow.

  7. So I changed my setup again. I ended up moving my plants into a closet in another room with my 250W HPS light. The HPS light wouldnt fit inside of my cabinet, so I decided to use my cabinet for clones.

    My Speed Queens are doing great. All four of the plants are nice and green and growing quickly. Theres one thats growing weird. You can see it in the pic (youll know which one it is). I put em outside this morning when I woke up to get some good old sunlight.


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