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    Grow room thread here http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-design-setup/535695-grow-cabinet-ground-up.html
    I have more pics there that I'm not gonna repost here.

    Finished my new grow closet a few days ago and started germing on Wed Jan 20. One week later I have started Veg Day 1 (Wed Jan 27).

    This is Speed Queen from Mandala Seeds (by way of Dr. Chronic). I bought 10 seeds and germed 5. One of 'em didn't make it.

    These are unfemmed seeds so I am gonna veg 4, clone 4, and start to flower all 4. If all 4 are female, cool; if only 1-2 female, cool.
    Right now they are in an aeroponics tub under 4 26W daylight CFLs.
    Current ppm=302, pH 5.7 (TDS meter has a 0.5 conversion factor)

    The RO water filtration system I bought is slow but awesome. My ppm has gone from 175 to 000, I was quite amazed (the unit was only $65 brand new).

    I am gonna start to flower on day 15 (Feb 10) regardless of how big or small they are. They will go in DWC bubble buckets under a 400w HPS when I start 12/12. I will put a screen over 'em at ~22" of vertical height.

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  2. Where did u get the RO filter if you don't mind.
  3. Just noticed that the title of that auction is 100GPD but the description says 50GPD. Either way it's more like 25GPD. But, I can't complain TOO much, after all $65 (NO shipping) is pretty cheap for an RO system.
  4. Day 2 of veg, ppm 305 pH 5.4
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    Those little guys are so cute, I just put my Querkle (Purple Urkle x Space Queen) into 12/12 a few days ago. I have a video of the veg cycle (31 days in 2 min) I am going to post it in my grow journal. For some reason every time I try and start a grow journal thread it just seems to time out trying to preview or post, any idea anyone?

    Veg Time Lapse Video
    [ame=http://www.vimeo.com/8984506]Querkle Veg on Vimeo[/ame]

    EDIT: I am retarded I thought you said Space Queen, I think i was excited to see the same strain. Oh well enjoy anyhow. Maybe they are related?
  6. Cool video. Can't wait to see those ladies when they're 'club age' ;)
  7. Thanks! Glad someone liked it. I set the capture rate higher in flowering. I will post a link to the grow in my signature.
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    Day 3 of veg
    ppm=305, pH=5.5

    Seeing a little new leaf growth and some new root growth.

    Edit: that's an EcoPlus 633gph water pump pushing the misters.


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  9. Veg Day 4
    pH meter is being a little bitch, best I can figure pH is still 5.5. No reason for it not to be.

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  10. Veg Day 5
  11. Veg Day 6

    I had a problem with my aero veg tub I wrote about in my grow room thread.

    My 4 babies are now in the flower room, on 24/0, sharing 1- 5 gal bubble bucket (for now) under an air cooled 400w HPS 23" above.

    Because of the veg tub leak I lost some water and had to make some more up, which accounts for the ppm and pH increase from yesterday. First pic is before they got moved, 2nd is in flower room.

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  12. So this RO system does it give perfect 7ph water? Also its meant to get a pure of h2o as possible correct? And also do you have it run all day into like a big trash can or just trun your faucet on like 5hrs before watering or do you have like 20 gal saved up for like a week. Looking into getting one for my babies. Also how's it taste, crisp?? Ight thanks...Peace Love Happiness Forever!
  13. For me, the pH is 7 and ppms are 000.

    It comes with a water in, pure water out, and drain water out. You can hook it up to your sink so that the drain water runs down the drain or run through a big trash can like you say.
  14. Day 7 Veg ppm=327, pH=6.2
    Day 8 Veg ppm=330, pH=6.2
    Day 9 Veg ppm=315, pH=6.1

    Gave each plant its own bubble bucket last night and the water for each came from a common reservoir.

    Day 10 Veg (Feb 5):
    (1)ppm=346, pH=6.0
    (2)ppm=345, pH=6.2
    (3)ppm=341, pH=6.0
    (4)ppm=349, pH=6.0

    Also, added mylar to this flower room, light still 24/0. Temp is ranging from 75-82, RH around 50-60%.

    Added numbers to buckets after pic was taken, front right is 1, FL 2, BL 3, back right 4.

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  15. Day 11 Veg (Feb 6)
    (1)ppm=340, pH=6.3
    (2)ppm=333, pH=6.4
    (3)ppm=340, pH=6.1
    (4)ppm=341, pH=6.3

    Since the pH of each bucket has risen from 0.1-0.3 and the ppms have fallen slightly (1-8), should I raise the nutes in each bucket to lower the pH or should I add a tiny amount of pH down?
  16. Veg Day 12 (Feb 7)
    Lowered pH of each bucket this evening, which ranged from 6.1-6.4.

    (1)ppm=346, pH=5.6 (was 344, 6.1)
    (2)ppm=338, pH=5.8 (was 335, 6.4)
    (3)ppm=347, pH=5.4 (was 345, 6.1)
    (4)ppm=352, pH=5.4 (was 349, 6.3)

    I know I shouldn't drop the pH down that much so quickly, I didn't mean to. I hate using pH down, I always use too much. Oh well, live and learn.

    I haven't taken as good care of my air diffusers as I should have, so I have replaced them with some plain air bubblers from walmart. Bubble output now is tremendous.

    Anyone know how to clean air diffusers? They're clogged with dried salts as best I can figure.

    Plant #2, obviously, looking the best. Sure hope it's female cause the other 3 look like the cannabis equivalent of fetal alcohol/down syndrome babies :rolleyes:.

    Roots look pretty good so far, second pic is of plant #2.

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    Veg Day 13 (Feb 8)

    I must have taken pH readings too soon after adding pH altering chemicals yesterday. Added 4, 5, 3, 1 drops pH down to buckets 1, 2, 3, 4, respectively.

    Edit: numbers now reflect pH after adding pH down to buckets.

    (1)ppm=343, pH=5.9
    (2)ppm=333, pH=6.2
    (3)ppm=343, pH=5.8
    (4)ppm=346, pH=5.8

    Can almost take cutting from plant 2 now, other 3 lagging behind. Still planning to put light on 12/12 on Feb 11, may decide to veg for another week, haven't made up mind yet.
  18. Veg Day 14 (Feb 9)

    (1)ppm=340, pH=6.0
    (2)ppm=325, pH=6.1
    (3)ppm=343, pH=5.8
    (4)ppm=352, pH=5.7

    Added 3, 4, 2, 1 drops pH down to buckets 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively. Current pH numbers do not include the drops of pH down.

    Decided to start 12/12 on Friday evening (Veg day 17). I will call Saturday Flower Day 1.
  19. Soak in vinegar overnight then scrub with toothbrush maybe? (just an idea don't really know any methods but I would start looking from there).

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