Speed or EX??

Discussion in 'General' started by Smoking Buddah, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. ok, today some one offered a "trade" of sorts. Now, i am not stupid, I know what is a fair deal but i amnot sure wether to take the EX or the speed... wich would be better for me to sit in my room with a black light on?
  2. Fuck Speed. Go with E. PWNT
  3. i did e for my first time the other day. i absolutely loved it. speed has bad news written all over it. highly addictive. and from what i've heard from buddies who used to be addicted to it's not even enjoyable the first time. but you'll wanna do it again. and when you take e you're already speeding. just not as intense. but be careful with e too. it can ruin your life. only do it if you have friends who will be there to make sure you drink enough water.. no alcohol.. and whatever. and to make sure you don't do it too much. i know if i started doing speed in front of my friends they'd be dissapointed and kick my ass. or if i did e every week they'd kick my ass too. sorry if i'm rambling.. i'm high and i don't want to be responsible for you becoming an e-tard or speed head.
  4. E is for Everyone.
  5. You're better off with the Speed, but with a W instead of an Sp.
  6. Go with the e.
  7. i say go with speed. to many e-tards where i'm from that don't have any personalities anymore. i took some speed to study for a final once and brought a D to a B.
  8. you'll be up all night if it's potent e. you can study then too. but you'll realize that it's just not worth it when you're so incredibly happy.
  9. Just to let you know, if you didn't already, E causes brain damage. Even after you take it ONCE. Meth is just as bad as E, they both suck. Have fun with your serotonin syndrome but don't come cryin to me.
  10. I would choose neither. Personally if I had to pick another drug then weed i would choose PCP...aka dippers.
  11. ????? ^^^^^^^^^ ?????????

    how the fuck can anyone wanna do pcp?

    Do u know what it does to you? I guess you dont...research it first before you do something stupid...

    just looking out

  12. I know the effects it has, i like it.

  13. haha wow..... magical

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