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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by celticweedlover, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. I have a growroom of about 80cm high,39cm width, 39 depth.
    Im using 4 flouros giving out 7200 lumens,
    What i would like to know is, Since i have limited space :( would it be better to flower the plant earlier and mature it faster so it wont grow out of the space?
    I know it will decrease yield :( but it doesnt bother me just as long as i get sumtin back :)
    I was thinking sumtin like:
    Veg 24/00 - 2 weeks
    Bud 12/12 - 3 weeks
    Bud 08/16 - 3 weeks

    Do any of you think this could work?
    Any advice or corrections welcome
    Over and Out!
  2. any1?..................
  3. 2 weeks veg aint very much. Go at least 3 if not 4 then it depends on the strain for the time your gonna have to wait for harvest look up some articles on sea of green
  4. Yeah go for 3 weeks veg+ choose a strain with a quick flowering period.Most seed banks give you some idea of the flowering time.
  5. ditto....it will be hard to get that kind of veg using fluros in 2 weeks....go for 3-4..........and as for flowering, stick to 12/12 for the entire flowering process, why the 8/16?....also buy seeds of a strain that flowers early, try early girl.......Peace out.......Sid
  6. I still dont understand that sea of green idea very well
    If i veg for 3 weeks on 24/0 with a co2 set up, would it increase its grow rate?would it work for flowering too?

    Sid, i thought that if i give it more darkness in the flowering and minimum light its meant to mature faster but lessen the yield, is this true?

    I have no idea what strain its gonna be cos i got the seeds from a bag of weed, i was told it was skunk, it did have a very skunky greasy taste, but im not gonna take it for
    granted ya know!

    This is just a practice run, so my next grow will be more thought out and ill be using better seeds too.
    Cheers for the advice y'all
  7. you have to be very carefull with a co2 set-up as too much will kill your plants as well....it's a very fine tolerance and is generally used only in large grows and even then is completely computerised for the co2 release.....as for the lights, lots of people have diffrent methods and prefrences, however the plant still does need a good bit of light to provide the energy to grow the buds......you could dabble with the times but if you want to have some smoke at the end of your grow, your better sticking to the tried and tested, but like i said, it's your call....good luck with the grow, how is it going?.....Peace out.....Sid
  8. Thats true, maybe when i have more experience ill experiment a bit, but id better stick to this method, so when it all goes wrong theres no1 to blame only me......lol
    My grow box is completely finished, thank god.......
    Im way behind schedule, im just waiting on the seeds to germinate and its all engines go,
    P:S: the seeds are green with little black x's on em, theyre really weird lookin compared to my other seeds which are green and brown.
    Ill post a pic later tonight of the whole set-up, so yee can tell me wot im doin wrong........lol

    I still cant believe no-one even noticed the grow space, lol...... its under a desk for god sake.......lol

  9. lol....they may not see it, but soon....they're gonna smell it.......Peace out.....Sid
  10. yepyep..ya better get a big ol wall of dryer sheets :p
  11. I have the perfect solution, i have a pet mouse and all he does is smell, so im gonna leave him do wot he does best and hopefully i wont get caught,....

    Thanx for the info Woody,I actually understand it this time, ;)

    Ive finally got pics of my setup to show y'all,
    Remember that altogether it only cost me 40 euro, so this is a crappy set-up
    Just a practice run really,

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  12. I used the SOG method for 5+ years and the way I did it and understand it is that you clone the s**t out of a few "mother" plants and after a while you have clones constantly going into the flowering room and buds constantly coming out.Hence the name "Sea Of Green". I also had seedlings going in and out continuosly and only cloned the best ones.I had anywhere from 100 to 250 plants at any given time and was harvesting every day after the first 3-4 months. I used floro in the clone/seedling room and a 1000w merc. vapor with side floros in the flowering room. Probably would have had better yields with HPS though.
  13. Could any of u guys post a pic or 2 of your set-up so ill know what i should be aiming for?
    Any help will be appreciated,
  14. What a stunning set-up,
    Its absolutely huge man, Totally blew me away,,,,,
    One day ill have 1 like that...............one day.......!
    The temp in my grow room hit 90f today and im gonna have to check out the vent

  15. +rep...
  16. you could put your plants right into 12/12.... you will not get a great yield but it will work....

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