speed contoller and thermostat question

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  1. I pluged my inline blower into a speed controller and the blower just made a noise
    its a vortex 4'' inline blower
    I had it set at var medium position

    also is there a there a thermostat i can plug my light into that will shut it off if the temps get into the 95 area

  2. The speed controller is most likely not rated for the draw... specs man. What volt/amp/watt controller and what volt/amp/watt fan???


    yes there is. its called a thermostat. thats what they do. Buy one and wire it in.
  3. speed controller is 120 volt/15 amps. For use with brush type motors only.
    I think the vortex 4'' inline blower has a ball bearing motor.
    thanks seen the thermostats are close to 100.00 bucks
    but well worth it if my inline blower goes out
  4. No no you dont need a whole power handling one...

    One like this, but not in a 5 pack... although 4 bucks might as well just get 5 lol... point is they are dirt cheap.

  5. not sure if im understanding this right
    those appear to be for the operating temp of the appliance
    im looking for something that will monitor temps in grow room and shut down at a certain temp
  6. Look up cap high temp shutdown on eBay..they're like 60 bucks
  7. yea man you just get one of these for whatever temp you want to call your safety temp... say 90 F...

    then wire it into your setup like you would, say, a light switch... just splice it into the hot terminal anywhere and then just have it just far enough from the light that the air there should never hit 90 unless there is a problem... then if the fan goes down and the light heats that thing up to 90 F it will pop and shut your power down... then when it cools to whatever temperature specified (i think it was 78 for the ones i linked) it will pop again and your shit will come back on.

    its exactly what you want, you just gotta get your hands a little dirty... operative word being little... this is an easy one.

    2 wire nuts and a one dollar ebay purchase.
  8. you think that cheap shit will work?
  9. yes, it will work... it will switch at the temps it is supposed to. the rest is up to you lol.
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