Speech impediment

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MadMax1979, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Does anyone have trouble speaking/making eye contact when high? If I smoke before class and go while It wears off I stutter my words... Any thoughts?

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  2. I have this, only arround certain people, concentrate on what your saying, your mind can be racing and thinking lots of things that can put you off, also I sometimes completely forget what I was saying and I'm left stood there trying to think of sumut to say haha

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  3. I generally get all tongue tied when I'm stoned and a little nervous. I usually choose my words carefully, but when i'm baked I tend to second guess; which leaves me choosing to remain silent. Sometimes I feel like I might come across standoffish, but its better than me saying whatever might cross my mind. 
  4. Before I ever smoked weed, I had massive anxiety and panic attacks. If I spoke to strangers or in front of a group, my words get mixed and thr muscles in my neck seize, and vision gets long (you could be 2 feet away but it'll seem like 20 feet).

    Once I started smoking cannabis it never happened again. HUGE difference.
  5. I can barely make eye contact with people when sober... It's even worse when I'm high and I do mix all my words up too when baked

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  6. Fuck a bitch and make eye contact while you nut. Your problem is now fixed
  7. I don't get anxious about it or anything. I had to take speech therapy all through elementary school, and whenever I drink or smoke, it tends to come back. If anyone ever says anything about it I just say "Fuck you, making fun of the chick with a speech impediment!", laugh it off, and move on.

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  8. i have a lisp so i try not to say any words with an S in them.
  9. sometimes my speech is slurred if I'm too high or I stumble over words and such
    I speak desperately quick when I'm nervous, so quick that people don't understand me
    This goes if I'm high or not. Maybe being high in class is making you nervous?
  11. Turns out im just much more confident when im sober

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