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  1. Making this Thread to show what quality lighting Spectrum King offers. I just received the light and am getting everything in order and set up. This light is amazing!
  2. Here's a few pics of it just took it out. Have to put the dimmer as low as it goes to even be around the light. Super intense light. It's a true 400 watt led. Not these 1000watt cheap lights that pull 150watts from the wall. I verified it with my kilowatt meter. I have a bloombeast A900 that isn't half as bright as this and this light has no fans and is made for damp conditions. The white light spectrum looks awesome. Can't wait to get some ladies growing under her. I got a bunch of clones I'm gonna flower under her this week stay tuned.

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  3. Holy shit! Look at the heatsink!

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  4. 400w on a single board, damm that's a lot of light :coolalt:

    Do you know what kind of diode this uses?
  5. They use cree
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  6. Yeathat heatsink means no fans. And waterproof. Also that keeps the diodes cool. Spe trim king is the only led company that promises their light won't loose any more than 10% of intensity over 6 year period. My roleadro 300watts from a year ago have lost more than 50%. I have a PAR and lux meter. And all my other lights even my so called 900watt only runs at 380 watt.
  7. Here's my results now just wait till this baby gets going. 20190731_001258.jpg 20190819_003629.jpg 20190819_004448.jpg 20190816_011230.jpg 20190804_231233.jpg 20190823_000541.jpg 20190819_003648.jpg 20190816_011323.jpg 20190819_003402.jpg
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  8. Not many people realize it. I can tell just by bud density. But I bought a par and lux meter to verify it and sure enough it's true. If you research it it's a thing that's kinda disregarded for some reason but thats why alot of commercial growers dont use led. but with spectrum King they built a light to last and perform like a led grow light should. In the long run I'm saving money and making more with my product.
  9. COBs lose output rather quickly because of how they are designed with lots of diodes crammed up in a small space which causes heat issues and rapid degradation. Not so much with the newer quantum boards as the diodes are more spread out so heat isnt as much of an issue, on these types of boards you can expect 90% output after 5 years.

    IMO as long as we are talking more than 3-4 years with minimal degradation it doesnt really matter as LED tech is advancing so fast it wont make sense to not replace a light way before degradation is a factor.
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  10. Spectrum king was the original whote light full spectrum led and is the only led manufactuer i know of that has a patent on it. LED is coming along further and further. The quantum boards are nice but im waiting for them to come a bit further b4 i try them. The next light i want is the spectrum king low Pro lights. It's similiar to a quantum board but a bit diffrent. Gavita just threw in their hat with the LEDs finally. But their design is almost a exact copy of spectrum kings lopro design. Build quality is second to none with these guys. The sk602 is a monster that I could grow a 8x12 room with. I have a few cobs and while they work ok like you said heat and degradation happen fast. And the intensity and coverage is very small.
  11. Interesting. a CMH bulb lasts almost as long as the boards. Far has replacing boards because of new LED tech that's just keeping up with the joneses. I dont' think you would see a single bit of difference if someone did a comparison grow with the HLG qb V1 V2 QB96 v2 or r-spec boards. Or_gro actually did a side by side with QB 96 and V2 288's and overall yield was higher on the 288's and he was pushing a higher wattage on the 96 side by 200 watts. I won't replace my V1 boards until they die. I would like to get some cheap LED lighting in my Veg tent an ditch the T5's tho.
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  12. While I agree that the difference between v1 and v2 are not huge (8%-10%?) but compare them with lights that will be available in 2-3 years from now and they will probably be considerably outperformed.
    That doesnt mean that the boards we have now wont still work almost as well as they do today but if the effeciency is considerably higher it would make sense economically to upgrade for the energy saving.
  13. I would need to see an energy savings of at least 50% to even consider justifying the costs of upgrading. Right now my entire energy bill is around $80-90 a month that's grow/house included so 2 full harvests pays for 2 an half years of electric. an that's at my super awesome price of $650 a lb.
  14. We will have to wait and see. I can tell you from my own experience the lights I bought 3-4 years ago (LED) are nowhere in the vecinity of how good the ones I just got now are. Also take into account that in order to upgrade you don't have a lot of the expenses you have when building your first light becaue you could use the same driver, same frame, wires, connectors, maybe even heatsinks, etc... so you just have to pay for new boards, which are fairly cheap all things considered. I havn't done the math (and this would of course depend on the price you pay for electricity) but I'd say even a 20-25% increase in effeciency could pay for a board replacement in about a year or two max from the savings (faster the more you pay for electric).

    Of course nothing wrong with riding these boards till they fail, as long as they grow the medicine its all good :)
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  15. I agree. Only time will tell, I'm thinking more like 5 years before any real leaps are made. Depends on what one would consider cheap, even if it was just the boards and you were replacing them with top of the line for a guy growing in a 5x5 that would be 5 or 6 hundred dollars. that's a lot of money to drop on lights ever 24months esp if you look at one of the savings from switching from HID is supposed to be leaving costly bulb replacement behind.
  16. Spectrum King has been around a long time. I almost ordered one of their lights years ago before getting into kits and DIY. They do seem like great lights. Their watt totals for covering space are a little low last I checked.
  17. Not true. Their watts are low. The 402 watt pulls
    Around 470watt from the wall. When I was looking at diy kits and all that each COB usually ran at 50watts. The 402 replaces a 1000watt HPS. And spectrum kings main thing is in the name. Their spectrum. They have a light spectrum that's a white light closest to the sun. They are one of the only company's with a actual patent on it. This is my 12th LED light and I've learned somthing from everyone I've bought. And over the years my lights are usually outdated in in 2 years but like I said their intensity dies faster than that. You won't see it with your eyes though you have to test with a meter to notice. This light is crazy bright for its size. I'm at 60k lumen at full power. I have it at half power right now. Also the 120degree reflector makes it so you don't waste light and power on the walls. There's alot more that goes into lighting than just watts and PAR. Witch is mostly what led company's advertise. It's side by side with my Bloombeast A900 light so I can see the diffrence between the two.
  18. I use my roleadro cobs and 600watt green light for veg. They really like the white and green light in veg. I had a bunch of reviews and side by sides and full grow diaries on AFN b4 I got banned last week for posting the truth about their staff giving bad advice and messing up people's grows. I was top tier product tester highest level and really the only one that wasent staff. I was there to help and make friends not boss others around and kiss ads. So they hated that and made it a mission to get rid of me. Lol. O well I like grass city anyway.
  19. I just transplanted the Bruce banners,giant Skittlez, Beast modes and Grandaddy purp. The big Bubba Kush just got put into flower after I cut up one of the OG kush mother's. Massive yield can't wait to weigh her up wen dry. I'm giving the other 1 another week with some overdrive to help rippen her and boost density. Then I'll throw in the other bubba kush. They got some stumps on them and are trained just right. Gonna be beasts for sure. 20190822_215936.jpg 20190823_002134.jpg 20190822_215936.jpg 20190826_000023.jpg 20190823_002059.jpg 20190824_225703.jpg 20190823_002242.jpg 20190826_000125.jpg 20190823_000541.jpg

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