Spectrum king 400+ watt LED vs 600w HPS.

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  1. first day in new system.
    4x8 grow tent.
    flo n grow system, 8 buckets.
    600w MH/ 600w HPS and spectrum king 400w+ LED.
    transplanted larger plants on the MH side,
    and smaller plants on the led side.
    ebb and flow set for evey 12 hours.
    RX geen solutions nutrients, with botanicare additives.
    i chose RX green because i wanted to try a cheaper nutrient then house & garden (my normal nutrient line).
    after some deliberation i went with it.
    after the first nutrient mix i relised, i missed the additives of house & garden, so i researched.
    i decided to run with botanicare, because one, i love liquid karma, two i tried some free samples years ago with cn17
    and was not desipointed. so i picked which products suited my needs.
    RX- Grow, Bloom, and base
    botanicare- liquid karma, silica blast, sweet raw, vitamino, hydroplex.
    also some kelp.
    combined feeding charts, and will adjust as needed.
    thinking about adding a bloom booster...

    i went with the spectrum king after almost a year of reaserch.
    i wanted a fulspectrum light, with the intinsity of a HID.
    fiscaly it made since too.
    the spectrum king LED has 50,000 hours before replacement,
    a HPS needs to be replaced every 1-2 harvest.
    so if you replace a blub every 2 harvest, 4 weeks vegs 8 weeks flower,
    thats a new blub approx every 2300 hrs, so in 21-22 harvest you will have reached
    50,000. at $100 a bulb in 21 harvest that is $2100, $700 more then what i paid for the LED, and this doesn't include ballast, and hood

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  2. so currently im on week 7, i want to post a new week every day or so. so stay tuned
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  3. Along for the rideeee.

    Haven't subbed to any flo and grows yet, looking great.

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  4. Day 5 in new system, planted aprox 3 weeks after rooting.
    plants are growing fast, healthy.
    EC equilibrium is is close, plants are using a little more
    food then water.

    MH seems to be growing a little faster then the LED.

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  5. day 7, the plants are responding great to the system and nutrients.
    plants have recovered from transplant stress, and starting good growth.

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  6. forgot to mention the strain.
    cannalope haze, love this strain, i havent grown it since 2012.
  7. Rockwool is cleaner, hold moisture better. Also just what I prefer.
  8. Rock wool also isn't biodegradable and the stuff is nasty if you happen to inhale it.

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  9. Idk what you mean by cleaner, but that's no where near my definition of clean. Lol

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  10. Last
    Expanded clay leaves residue in the resivore, also its not biodegradable either.
  11. Little bit, buckets are 4 gallons, and the net pots are 3 gallons, so there is a little root ball down there, they always Sat in the residual nutrient solution, at the bottom of the bucket. So I added air stones to each pot.

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  12. this is the start of week 2 veg.

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  13. day 10 of veg

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  14. day 12 of veg

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    Start of week 2 (day 14), the plants really started taking off.
    the plants in the pots are in soil, and my mothers. also i wanted to see the growth rate.

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  16. So you're system is more like an rdwc opposed to flood drain? Quite envious of your set up everything is looking great

    nonfiction's multi-strain grow
  17. Kind of, the resivore fills the control bucket, which is piped to the rest of the buckets, but it fills for a set time, then drains, I have it fill for 30 mins, and drain every 4 hours. So it will fill and sit for 30 min, drain, and won't fill again till another 4 hours. 3 times per 12hr light cycle. Ebb n flow, recirc-dwc.
    It's a hybrid system for sure, I like it, the veg growth was great, right now I'm in the middle of week 7, the buds are looking nice, but not as full as I would like to see with this strain.
    when I build my next room I would like to do a side by side with an undercurrent system.

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