specified thanks in the direction of digit

Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jun 26, 2003.


yay or nay

  1. what a funky av, you ugly git

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  2. nah, change it back to the "authority" figure

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  3. you are unknown anyway, fuck off

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  4. i know who digit loves, hehe

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  1. hail digit,
    supplying soo many avatars to homeless kids :)

    so whaddya you guys think ?
  2. <----avatar made by Digit

    Personally, I liked your old avatar better....floating heads are creepy!
  3. yeah... i dont really like my own image, i need a better photo (and face ;) ) but i will see how the rest of the voting goes... or make a completely new one !

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself! I think you're kinda cute :D
  5. :) but my face does SCARE me when its in av form, not natural :)
  6. i think the av looks cool. its got that 80 head art motif thing they had going in music videos lol
  7. hehe, always cool to see your own name in the title of a thread.... especially a poll thread. :D

    i chose the top and botto, ones.

    heehee.... "ugly git" :p :D ;)

  8. OH SHIT AND IT MOVES!!!! LMAO I didnt see that the first times I saw it!!!!! awesome!
  9. hehe, it does indeed move... shoulda known that if digit made it :)

    it is also indeed nice seeing your name in lights (projected by the monitor in a pixelish way) in the city
  10. 'tis decided i will keep the new one

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