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  1. Hey guys, i want to learn more about each type of strain more so i can find out which suits my needs the best. Im not gonna ask someone to pick it out for me, but looking for a site or guide that shows the flowertimes, height, yeild, etc, etc of all the strains of Marijuana (Indicia and Sativa). If its already been covered im sorry! Thanks :)
  2. Go to drchronic.com they have all diffrent seeds and when you click on the it will tell you if its better to grow indoors or outdoors,the average yeild, the height, flowering time...ect
  3. Indicas- these plants are fairly short, usually less than 5 feet tall. They are bushy with compact branching and short internodes. They range in shape from a rounded bush to a pine-like shape with a wide base. The leaves are short, very wide and a darker shade of green than most equatorial Sativas because they contain larger amounts of chlorophyll. Sometimes there is webbing between the leaflets. Indica buds are dense and tight. Indicas usually have shorter flowering times. The high is heavy body-oriented and lethargic.

    Sativas- grow into 5-15 feet tall and are symmetrical pine-shaped plants. The internodes are longer than Indicas. This makes the plant look taller. The lowest branches are the widest spreading 1 1/2 to 3 feet. The leaves are long, slender and finger like. Plants are light green since they contain less chlorophyll. Sativa buds are not as dense. Some varieties grow buds along the entire branch. Sativas generally have longer flower times. High is described as soaring, psychedelic, thoughtful and spacey.

    Indica Sativa- leans more towards indica characteristics

    Sativa Indica- leans more towards Sativa.

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