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Specific Questions regarding CannaOil and the Magical Butter machine

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Greenalot, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Great stuff on these forums. Needed some specific information about cooking with coconut oil, cannabis, & the Magical Butter.

    I know someone that just ordered their own Magical Butter 2 last week and it shipped this morning for them! They've been working with all the infusion options for recreational purposes for some time now – for people that hate the smoking part or for health reasons; vaping is fine but many people want to take away that entire process for the most part. They haven't had much luck with edibles so far. Out of about 10 batches, 3 have been decent, 1 spectacular but NOTHING compared to some chocolate bars out in Denver that were purchased from a legal recreational shop. That's what they'd like to make but they don't want to continue to experiment with overly huge amounts of cannabis (2 cups in this machine) and it not come out right. Here are 6 quick questions that I'm asking on their behalf:

    – They want to start out using 10-14 grams of grinded up higher THC level cannabis buds (10-15% THC potency) & 2 cups of coconut oil (said to be the best to get the THC to bond), so how much soy lecithin should they put in? The same 2 tbsp or a little less?

    – They also want to decarboxilate the grinded cannabis before putting it into the MB2. Will this hurt the process at all? I've read that decarboxing beforehand (not only during the MB2 run) is said to double the euphoric effect, even when using the MB2. Other articles have said suggested to run your mixtures through the MB2 around 2-3; so for instance, instead of an hour, run it 2-3 separate times for an hour each run.

    – I've also seen that too much heat burns off THC but does that still happen if it's kept under 220 degrees, like in the MB2?

    -They've also said to freeze it before running the final Magical Butter 1-hour mix it to supposedly up the bio-activity of the THC. Is that accurate?

    – How could someone ingest the oil without submitting it to another heating or cooking process? For instance, after using the MB2, then straining and letting it cool for a little, could they take a dropper full and swallow it? Would that work just as well as eating it in a cookie or alcohol tincture?

    -They'd prefer, after straining & cooling it, to somehow make it a direct intake of as much THC as possible and lasting the longest/strongest effects, even eating the oil straight (depending on how much they'd need to get high). The only thing they CANNOT use are capsules. What would you suggest works best? Tincture? If so, what kind? Alcohol?

    Sorry for all the questions but I think the info needs to be out there for a process that is growing in knowledge and popularity. They are trying to get the most BANG for their BUCK so to speak with this MB2 machine for again recreational & THC purposes. So any help and info to my above questions would be greatly appreciated. They're hoping that the above measurements (2 cups of coconut oil) and amounts (10-14 grams of higher grade THC grinded up buds) will be able to produce a good batch of 1-2 dose THC infused oil. Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I also heard somewhere that using liquefied coconut oil has about 90% fat while the solidified kind has around 60-70% fat. The higher amount of fat obviously makes it better for the THC to attach to. Please let me know if this is accurate as well. Thanks again!

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