Specialized's Round 2 Soil/HPS/CFL

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  1. Howdy GC,
    First off id like to say the strains im growing are B-52,NLxSkunkxHaze, and some kush bagseed.
    Im growing in my homemade grow box, id say its about 2'x2' and about 4' high.
    Im now using 1 150 watt HPS, 1 70 watt HPS, and 5 23 watt CFL's for a total of 3 plants.
    For soil im using Miracle grow Organtic with Bone & blood meal and some perlite.
    For ventilation, i have a bathroom fan, mounted in the box, followed by a homemade carbon scrubber and a inline fan on the other side of that pushing it outside.
    For water i have only used Rain water.

    I Put the little guys in my homemade grow box on june 18th.
    Fastforward threw 47 days of veg and i flipped the lights to 12/12 on August 14th.
    They are doing great, im now on day 49 of flowering and im gettin anxious! haha
    Let me know what you think fellow GCers
    I have 2 pictures from one week after i flipped the lights that i will post, but i have found my real camera so i will update with new pics shortly
  2. nice plants cant wait to see harvest and what nutes are u giving them
  3. Nutes? what are nutes?
    haha JK
    But i havent used anything up until a few weeks ago, so now im using very low doses of Miracle grow:( 15-10-15 i believe.
    I also use epsom salts here and there as i thought i had a deficency.
    Im already preparing for the next grow, i still cant decide if i want to do Hydro or soil, i have found Soil to be harder to grow in.
    Has anyone had good results using Advanced Nutrients?
  4. They look happy considering you're a beginner using MG nutes and CFLs. Keep it up and raise the level of difficulty every grow. Do your research;).
  5. thanks man, on my old grow i used techna flora, i just ordered advanced nutrients for my next grow, i have one white widow seed and 2 kush seeds that i will be sprouting today
  6. Well i guess i dont have any more white widow seeds, 50 bux i paid for them and they all turned out males.
    i have one b 52 left and 3 kush seeds so that should be alright.
    im looking at ordering some god x haze seeds, any reviews?
  7. i guess not:(

    Anyways , day 56 i did some chopping.
    i cut part of the main stalk off my kush plant and i cut a branch off the northern lights.
    Jeeze is that northern lights a shitty plant, almost died threw veg but it made it, never expected a whole lot off it.

    Seller told me that hes out of the advanced nutes, and refunded me so i ordered
    General hydroponics grow bloom and micro
    rubbermaid 2 site DWC hydro setup.
    and a nice little PH tester.
    heres what they look like now, after i chopped them a bit
    my b 52 bomper is the only full plant in there.

    quick question, what would happen if say i were to try and clone off of the b 52?
    theres some small branches on the bottom which would be the perfect contestant

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