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  1. People - please, give me ideas on what I would use for a specially sized growing tray, for the inside of a computer case (server, tallest one I can find). It can be no larger than 17inches long, 7 inches wide.

    also - while ive got your attention, go ahead and look at the stuff I'm picking out. My choices aren't based primarily on price, but rather, what I think that I can use in my limited space. so keep that in mind, and make suggestions where you can. I really wish I had the space to do a real growbox, but I just don't. A computer case grow is very do-able, and I'm determined to try my hand at it soon.

    70 watt ballast
    70 watt hps bulb

    BC Grow
    BC Bloom
    BC Boost

    Misc. Supplies:
    240v grounded Timer
    Oakton pH waterproof tester
    2 mil Mylar

    Computer case, fans, elbow vent piece (for light-catching, and will serve to hold activated carbon), and growing medium will be obtained locally. I'm looking into some local hydroponic stores, so I won't have to buy everything online. but those are what I'm generally looking for.

    also - If anyone believes adequate cooling can be achieved with any wattage higher than 70, let me know and I'll certainly step it up. I'm thinking of a 120mm intake fan blowing across the surface of the scrog, and a 120mm fan venting at the top of the case. Its good enough to keep 4 harddrives and an old cpu cool...

    and - if you think my choice of the ferts is wrong, let me know. I figure that I can in at least some small way make up for the cramped space by giving the plant perfect nutrition, instead of some generic fertilizer from walmart.

    ALSO - looking at strains, I'm thinking about something like one of the many available AK crosses. Every time I got my hands on some medicinal AK-47 I really really liked it, and according to some research, it's got a relatively short grow time. I'm sure many will say "USE BAGSEED FOR YOUR FIRST GROW!", but... all my drunk ass had to say is - dont underestimate me. I'm rather handy at many things, and I think that even with a few unavoidable first-timer fuck-ups, I can prevent any significant plant loss that causes me some lost cashola.
  2. I would bump the 70 up to 100. The reason is just from a thread someone linked to recently about a computer grow case, where the person got pretty decent yield but said that in retrospect she wishes she would have used a 100W HPS bulb. I don't have any first hand experience with computer grow cases so I'm just going by what she said.

    If you set things up right and do thing right you probably won't fuck up your first grow, so I don't see why you should use bag seed. Most people do just to save money and IME you can grow really good pot from bagseed, even if the weed you got it from wasn't that good. It's all in how it's grown. Plus I remember you saying you had some trust fund or something coming your way so if money's not an issue why not just buy some decent seeds. Nirvana seeds are only $20 and they have an 'AK-48' plant that is supposedly derived from an AK-47.
  3. my trust fund is a good 'credit' account for me to buy shit - but I make good money too. I'm definitely going to buy some good seeds. I too believe that you can get some nice nugs from bagseed, but if I can afford better... why not get better.

    another question:
    Would a 100w MH light produce too much heat?

    I'm definitely looking into the option of using MH for veg and then the HPS for flower.... or the other way around, I cant remember which right this second...
  4. bumpity bump...??

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