special room vs weed box?

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  1. so my brother is planing on growing pot once he comes home from overseas..he is thinking he should get one similar to what he sees. what do you all think about the grow boxes/tumblers/whatever...i told him he should just get a small room or closet or something & make his own ventilation system and do it like that...what all do you think??

    and he wants to know from a standpoint of someone that wants to conceal it from his neighbors and everyone. He is unfortunately pretty set on this unless i can find something better. If I can show good evidence and explanations of why whichever way is better: pros and cons, that would be epic. appreciate it gc

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  2. Build your own cabinet to make it stealth these are so overpriced.
  3. just need more detail...100% committed to this project but my brother and i just need to know basically everything to start a legit indoor grow room. I've grown one or two plants outside but we are trying to get a decent yield every few months so we have something to smoke on. I'm not sure out of all of the different methods and seed companys and whatnot which are the best.
  4. thanks buddy..i searched around a bit. just wanted to know if there was an overall understood agreement upon certain methods or products.

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