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  1. Hi guys,

    I've read a lot on here and I'm excited to see there are so many specialists out there! Now I need your wisdom and experience to save a special breed! It will be much appreciated.

    A bit about myself: I've just started out and I've gotten a plant from a friend that has rather special origines. This particular plant is from a mountainous region in a very secluded country (sorry, can't say where), has no name and its fruits are very strong! It's grown naturally in a pot outside on the balcony, no special soil, nutrients or additives are given. Simply some water every day, he suggested 2liters a day.

    However, lately it's been acting up a bit. It's been losing loads of leaves, the smell has gone away and especially around the bottom of the tree it's gotten thinner.

    How it's grown:
    On a balcony in a subtropical climate (30-40degrees, very humid)
    No direct sun light
    Receives around 1,5L of tap water a day
    No additional nutrients are supplied

    Here's the catch: I am staying a developing country, so it will be hard to get nutrients and special soil here, basically impossible.

    I've uploaded some pictures as well.









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    I deleted a duplicate post of this same thread and approved this one. You only need to post one thread in a specific forum to get help. This post will bump your thread up to the top and hopefully some of the outdoor craftsmen will give you some help.

    Meanwhile, you might want to venture into the organics forum to see how they're feeding their plants with plants. The following thread is a good place to start:


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  3. The main problem I see is that you get no direct sun light. MJ needs at least 5 hours of light to do well. Having none is a huge detriment to your grow.

    Also, I know you will have a hard time getting nutrients in your area, but I'm sure you have access to some basics. Can you get molasses at the grocery store? That should give a boost to the micro organisms in your soil and make them be better able to feed to your plant. If you can only add one thing, that would be what I chose.

    Do you have any basic garden supplies available to you? Even 3rd world contries have farmers right? See if you can get some worm castings, compost, guano, kelp etc. Those things are basics that you hopefully will be able to find. Then you can brew teas or topdress.
  4. good suggestions, if you buy a bag of guano can you top dress right out of bag or do u let it sit out for awhile?
  5. [quote name='"lager88"']
    good suggestions, if you buy a bag of guano can you top dress right out of bag or do u let it sit out for awhile?[/quote]

    You can use it right out of the bag I believe. But it's supposed to be better after composting for a year or more.
  6. Sunlight is the main issue along with possible lack of water.

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