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  1. So guys, I've started my new grow. I still have my Neville Haze in flowering, but I've started a new batch of Aurora Indica's by Nirvana seeds. I've heard that there have been problems with this strain and now I'm getting some very odd growth. :(

    They're 19 days old. They're in 1 gallon pots of FFOF cut 1/2 and 1/2 with FFLW. The only things that have been added are the General Hydroponics additives like Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar, Floralicious Grow and supplementing light feedings of CalMag. They are getting the rest of their food just from the FFOF. They also recieved an eighth teaspoon of dolomite lime to help PH problems.
    On to the problems...

    The first 3 pictures show the odd growth coming from 1 of my 3 Aurora's, the leaves are odd and stringy, looking nothing like a normal leaf, they have looked like this since they first popped. The third picture shows how it was supposed to be a 3 leaf but apparently 2 grew together.
    The 4th picture is a small branch coming from one of the the internode, these leaves and new growth looks completely normal.
    Everything else about this plant is normal, it has kept pace with the other 2 and has the same number internode sites, it just has these weird leaves. I'm just wondering if this thing is just a mutie, or I should chop it out? :confused:

    The 5th and 6th pictures show another plant that has had all of its new growth coming from the main "cola" having a yellowish hue, this has always gone away as the growth moved out. It has showed this since the day it popped. The 7th picture shows the small leaf "twisting" that has occured on most of this plants larger fan leaves.

    I thought this was grower error, but my 3rd Aurora seems to be growing perfectly. Thats the plant in the 8th and 9th pictures, this plant hasn't showed any problems and was actually topped 4 days ago. :)

    It might be all my fault, but I'm guessing that one is definitely a mutie. Let me know what you guys think should be done, any and all help is appreciated :D

    Major :smoke:

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