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Special gifts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. If you were to be given a special gift what would you want it to be?

    I would want to be able to see in the future.

    Maybe be able to make money by having brilliant ideas.

    What would be yours?
  2. Hmmm....this is a difficult one!

    I may change my mind and post something different later but right now at this very moment I would like to be able to read people's minds.

    That would be cool and extrememly beneficial!
  3. I would love to be able to travel through time!!! I could experience woodstock but then I go could into the future and see how what all changes and if pot is ever completely legalized!!!!!!!
  4. Hell Yeah, i would want to go back to some events in the past. I've had some wonderful times with some cool people, just wish i could experience them again just once.
  5. I would want to rule the world!! Things would be so much better if I was in charge. HAHAHAHAHA ;>
  6. Well, being that I'm already the ruler of everything and all that encompasses it, I'd like to be able make the perfect sandwhich. The perfect sandwhich. It would taste like god. but better
  7. I would wish for a million wishes
  8. well i don't know. i'd love to be rich. and for peace and all the losers in the world abusing kids- could just like uh die. but honestly i think if i had one wish for myself it would be to be totally and completely in love with someone who felt the same as i did. i guess i wish i could find my soul mate. but readin minds would be cool!
  9. Thats way to hard of a question to answer, i like some of you peoples posts though. Being able to read minds sure would come in handy.
  10. I wish whenever I reached into my pocket I would find a twenty dollar bill in the left one, and a fatty sack in the right ;)

    *editors Note* sack of weed you fucking sick bastards ;)
  11. WORLD PEACE ( The standard "Beauty Pagent" answer, LOL , But a DAMN good wish!!)

    I would like to be able to become invisable at will, just imagine the possibilities!!!!
  12. If I had three wishes i'd wanna fly, become invisible at will, and have unlimited money and weed everytime I reached in my pockets.

    Ya see, im fucked up right now and I just finally realized that none of those wishes will ever come true, and now im depressed....FUCK! :)
  13. i would say "world peace" but if it's a special gift i'm thinking a physical/mental trait that you personally *have* and therefore one person can't have world peace if the rest of the world is chaos around them....

    but i would like to see in the future, a different kind: i want to know, for absolute sure, what comes after death.

    some say you rot in the ground.

    some say you reincarnate.

    some say you go to heaven/hell.

    some say you acheive englightenment.

    we have all these different theories, with different levels of "proof" behind them...

    but i want to *know*.

    i know that's kind of weird, but it's been a pet peeve of mine lately, and frankly i'm not afraid to die, i'm just reaaalllly wary of it.
  14. special gift?

    Id want to make wishes come true.
  15. All those wishes are good ones. Being fairly stoned last night I wasn't thinking as well as i should of been.

    What I was meaning by this thread is!

    Personal wish that you and only you would benefit from. One wish and only one!

    It couldn't be money or material things.

    An addition to your body or mind that only you could use.
    you could only use it for yourself!

    Most of what ya'll posted was in the boudaries. This wiil make thoings a little bit clearer!
  16. I love you for who you are Critter and what you provide like love and support so I guess you almost got your wish ;)

  17. Now there is a serious wish. That is what i'm talking about.

    Critter my friend, I've been there, done that!!!!

    I hope that you get your wish!!!!!!!!

  18. Exactly what you said!!!!! Whether I find it or not.........I'm still waiting to see.

  19. Man, how can you smoke that shit... heh

    I would wish to be a god, just so i could mess around with peoples lifes and make them suffer without purpose... just like god does to me.
  20. Like I said, I really would be happy being able to make a perfect sandwhich, it would taste exactly right to whoever was eating it. But instead of tasting like god it would tase like white christians and world peace. yeah, kickin' it with the world piece-whiches.

    Or maybe I could just turn into Janis Joplin at will.

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