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Specal Japaneze Strand!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ColoradoCron, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Name: Okinawa (Ack-Ie-Na-Wa) [​IMG]

    Personal info: I was lookin at all the different buds they had in the dispensary that day, when i spotted big jar with the label; "Okinawa Japanese Import" I had to have it! :smoke:Payed $40 for an 1/8th of this st00f. By the way, I had already smoked a bit out of it before taking the pictures. And yes, i did find a few usable cron seeds! I found 2 lepord-spotted males and 1 nice female specimen. (think i could grow that shit???) [​IMG]

    Description: A Japanese Indica Strand. The Name refers to the Japanese city of Okinawa to the southernmost part of japan. This strand is not imported, it is grown under the same conditions and atmospheric pressure as like in the City of Okinawa.

    Look: Super Dence, sparkly budz with a ton of red hairs, a few spots of purple and spots of white. (And Very seedy in my case! I think that its probably because it was harvested to early!)

    Smell: Very Robust with a fresh spring smell. I thought it smelled kinda like blueberries, but it could be different from person to person.

    Taste/Smoke: A very Fresh and Sweet taste with thick funky smoke! (When you can manage to get all the seeds out of the budz! there was allot of seeds!!!) [​IMG]

    High: Very up-lifting head high with a moderate body high, lasting 2-3 hours from 0.4g :smoke:

    Rating: 8/10: Very good, pain relieving high with an interesting smell. It dose have quite a few small, nasty tasting seeds in it. [​IMG]

    Tell me what you think!!





    Cheers! :smoke:
  2. pics are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big

    Good looking buds though. Definitely grow those seeds!
  3. DAMN!!!! NICE!!! Jesus that shit is nice. Are those seeds?!?! Time to start a grow my mane! Make some mad cake selling that shit haha.:cool:
  4. holy shit those pics are huge haha , but the nugs are sexy as hell man i like it !
  5. IKR! :D:D

    and ya, sorry I didn't bother to scale down the pics:smoke:
  6. d00d! those nugs look dank as fuck
  7. nice looking buds, but hollllly shit i had to zooom allllll the way out and my god that is a lot of seeds. I count like 6,402
  8. I'm pretty sure thats a bit off lmao :p
  9. def just came,

    sick man...
  10. yu shud def grow that shit man , nice bud
  11. Way too many seeds for 40 an 8th. However, that is some very sexy non-sensimilla.
  12. buds look nice.
    they kinda did chip you with so many seeds :/
  13. i live in japan and we dont nearly have this good quality ( judging by looks) here... what the hell?
  14. i need a bigger moniter. eff you 13inch macbook pro D:

    nice nuglets OP, vury hairy
  15. Lol, well the pictures are a little out of focus, but just looking at them, small ammount of purple, so it looks like it's a genetic purple and not a cold exposure. And truly dank, looks fluffy and super dank, awesome pickup.
  16. :yay:Whaa Whaa Whoooooo! :hello: :bongin:

    I guess America just rocks :D
  17. Nice nugs dude, hope those seeds get put to good use.
  18. Came, and passed out. +Rep.
  19. Looks wonder why that imported dank was only 40 an eighth...its seedy. Win win I guess.

  20. Was still totally worth it! :bongin:

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