Spec ops: The Line

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  1. Anyone else played this game?

    Right from the get go this game had my blood pumping. Which is very uncommon for me, very few games actually get me going with the story and this one sucked me in without a problem.

    What stands out the most in this game is the amount of detail put into the landscapes. Every corner,building, and hallway is done beautifully, each explosion leaves you shitting your pants and there's plenty of action to keep you entertained. I played it on a PC on highest settings, and i was constantly blown away by how much detail there is.

    And the ending was executed beautifully. It really kinda shows you the reality of what you just went through and how certain events can change you for better or for worse.

    The only things i didn't like about it is i felt the story was way too short, it took me maybe 7 hours to beat on the hardest setting and i was still left wanting much more :(

    Its a great game to get into over the summer when you want a good, fast paced story and i recommend it to anyone who loves action games.

    so has anyone on GC played this game?
  2. wow


    no one has played this game?
  3. Dude isn't it that game that had a commercial running for a day?
  4. i dunno, i dont watch tv anymore lol
  5. i was invited to the closed beta and played for a while (only multiplayer). it was ok. a fun third person shooter but i didn't find it anything amazing. the sand storms were a cool aspect though.

    what first caught my attention (and lead me to get invited into the beta) was the trailers for the storyline. it seemed REALLY interesting.

    after the beta ended though i kind of forgot about the game and haven't really heard anything of it till now. when did it release?

  6. It came out about 2 weeks ago, and the story is really good man. i highly suggest checkin it out if you have a pc with good specs. It would be really upsetting if this game just got swept under the rug as another plain ol shooter when it had some amazing story elements and writing

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