Speaking of Moochers...Worst Neighbor Ever

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  1. Yea double spaced is pretty good for those "tldnr" type post.

    I had a something like that happen with my neighbor his name was ryan. 1st I had lived there for maybe a year....year and a half before i met him. My weed guy lived up the street. Of course he smoked and somehow he knew the guy we smoked together and he thought we were best buddys now.

    So this guy shows up at my house when he sees on of my friends cars like hey can o come in i got some weed. Its just some ash in a metal lookin crack pipe thing. We smoke him up done(Me and my friends used to smoke at my house all the time back when i was 17-18). So he comes the next day and the next day like fuuuuunk dude what do you want. Never has weed.

    Some how he got my number and called me now he lives next door to me in another duplex. He asks if I have 4 dollars made it seem like he had money and came over. Turns out this guy and got shit took the 4 to get a nick i was heated. He came back an all but damn dude bullshittin.

    Last this guy was askin for rides from my friends like this dude was annoying as fuck. Acting like had known him for years when it was like 2 weeks. Asked for the ride to get some weed said he give my homie 5 for gas. Take him there like 15 mins away. he gets out goes does what ever for 5 mins. He came back like "this is the wrong one" Go to the next apartment thing he comes back 10mins like "they aint have none". We get back to my house and he says to us after we drop him off he would give us the 5 tomorrow for the gas. Never got that 5.

    We moved like 3 months later but not because of him. It got to the point where he would see a car outside and come knock and i wolud just ignore him. He would call and i would not pick up. I had a bong this guy put his mouth inside the mouth part like a fish got his crusty spit on it....I hated that guy
  2. that guy needs to get a fuckin job lol.

    why are there so many moochers?
  3. you people gotta learn to stand up for yourself.

    if someone was doing this is me i'd tell him to fuck off
  4. can't stand mooches...

    but they will stop if you say no...
  5. Dude, I couldn't understand that, you need to organize your thoughts more coherently.

    Either way tho, moochers suck
  6. There was a kid that lived in my neighborhood growin up that was sorta like that. He was a cool kid and everything but he was the type that would just kind of pop up outta nowhere sometimes. I never took issue with it but the last 2 times I ever saw him he was on some real Snoop Dogg in Half Baked type shit and it was annoying, kids real name was Greg.

    Now theres a school in our neighborhood where me and all my friends went to school for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade etc, but obviously it became a place where some of us would smoke up at night by the time we were teens because it had benches that were under these big trees, makin it nice and dark. The yard itself was setup where it has a track and everything with stairs leading towards a driveway that was seperated by a 3 foot or so concrete wall with a chainlink fence on top of it, so you were pretty well concealed down there.

    Anyway, one night me and my main man at the time were there one night chillin, blazin some pif, when we see someone walking past us, it was the kid Greg. He didnt see us at first but when he did he hopped the fence and came on over. He made small talk and then asked to hit the blunt, we were like aight fine so he smoked with us, we had more so it was like whatever.

    But then the next night, we went there again, and then he showed up again! It started raining so we ended up goin under one of the school entrances, we finished up there and the whole time he was like "yo lemme hit that blunt, i got 5 can you guys get more, i'm tryin to get fucked up" etc, At this point both me and my boy were annoyed so we were like nah man chill, go get your own. So he attempted to, by the time he got back we were finished. It was late at this point, and when he asked for the 2nd time if we could get more, we werent any less dismissive. That was actually the last time I ever saw that kid, I dont know what happened to him or where he's at.
  7. I sent him the message that i didnt want him around.

    My bad on the presentation i was high.

    @Tiny - Yea he is probably still walkin past the smoke spot tryin to hit yall blunt up
  8. i was at one point a "moocher." i think we all were, when we first started blowin. i would always call my dealer seein if he would smoke me out (i was 14 at the time). i have changed though. however i know people who "always" mooch and they didnt just start smoking!!!
  9. You should of just straight up told that guy to fuck off.
  10. This story made me lol...I've known people like that, really what they are is fucking pathetic. My 2cents.

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