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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Aug 8, 2002.

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  1. I was just wondering- why do people NEED to speak like afro-americans? You know what I am talking about.
    Saying shit like:
    \"Yo friends are wit me...\"

    and stuff. I just never understood why there is a \"cool\" way to talk. And saying it is one thing... why do you have to type it too? Everyone uses little words that they get from peer groups and shit. I talk in a peer dialect as much as anyone when I\'m with my friends but when I\'m not with them or when I am just talking on the internet I gain the ability to write properly- with the exception of abreviations of longer words.
  2. Yo, Switch, man, whassup witchu ???

    I understand exactly what you mean, Switchy boy! We all have different dialects according to culture and we all pick up terms and sayings but to TYPE the point you are trying to get across in NOTHING but slang is odd and mostly NOT understandable.
  3. lol@rmjl!!!

    switch, i know what you mean. sometimes people use so much slang that you can barely understand them. it\'s even worse to read, cause you don\'t know if they\'re just bad typers or what.

    i went out with a guy like that. drove me fucking batty. lol

  4. I\'m going to have to use that one. \"You drive me fuckin\' batty!!!\" Haha.
  5. speaking like a afro-american?
    do you mean EBONICS?
    afro-americans do not all talk alike
    i am not offended....i go to school, i try to get a education....but when my teachers are speaking ebonics themselves it is hard to learn how to speak properly...but i try
    but what kind of ignorant stereo-typical shit is that....saying people talk like \"afro-americans\"? huh!?
  6. whuchoo\' talkskin \'bout? \'aint nuffin wrong \'wif \'bonix whiboy! choo jus gotta \'spect namsain? dis mu\'ffuggin whiboy \'aint gonna hold no \'bruvuh d\'own!! got\'a keep \'dis bode all fuggin\' NIGtass\'itik, y\'kno?

    \"say it loud, im black an im proud!\"
  7. well my sister (half sister) is black (ok half black or whatever) and she never talked like that, but she had a lot of friends that did and it drove me insane i can\'t stand it. But thats ok theres people in other countrys that sound funny to me and i can\'t stand the way they talk ether. and i\'m sure the way i sound, sounds dumb to some people out there, i duno. I lost my point. it is really annoying when people have to talk like that online, i don\'t really go to chatrooms anymore so i don\'t have tp put up with that to often, i don\'t see whuts so hard about speaking and typing in plain old English.
  8. Pardon me- I did not mean any offence. But you know what I mean.

  9. No problem with people TALKING like that (apart from the dumb teenage kids who just talk like that because their friends do and the rap artists do- do opera fans start talking italian?). It\'s the typing that gets me.
  10. yeah i think typing like that is just going a little to far, it makes me wonder if the person just can\'t spell worth shit so there just not trying anymore or something.

  12. yeah i can\'t spell to good but i try my best.
  13. it is a statement and that\'s is all
    Like the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the way you speak...

    Here in the UK, when Oasis became kinda big once and people talked for a while \"alrite ah kid, mad fo\'it\" to be like them because it was cool. They ain\'t no harm in it. 99% of people try to stay in fashion and this is just an extension.

    Snoop Dog, Dre and other west coast rappers are BIG. People want to be them and therefore talk like them. People want to curse and swear like Eminem.

    I don\'t like it but I speak with a yorkshire accent because I live here and no doubt when I become king of the world, every one will try to talk like me :D
  14. AdamG: you\'re gonna become king of the world?!?!
    *must study yorkshire accent*

    i\'ve always felt that people who find the need to \"talk\" like that on the internet are grasping for attention for one reason or another. demanding to be noticed, or \"heard\" or, just plain demanding to be different.
    as for the \"ebonics\" on the internet, well, you never know if it\'s their culture, or like AdamG said, kids emulating that which they think is \"cool.\" it bugs me too, but what really bugs is PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS and use things like \"i tink u are so kewt\", who misspell words to look like they\'re CUTE or something. UGH.

    spelling/grammatical errors are forgivable and understandable. if you wanted me to use correct grammar everytime i hit this site up, i\'d be here twice as long and get irritated with myself :D

    but yeah, i can see how it bugs.

    i m so kewl
  15. omg calm down calm down, who cares how other people speak/ type whatever, its the message not the words, i dont think about that stuff, i always end up speaking like my friends anyways so whatever get over it
  16. omg i forgot to say how fuckin hot funkyphil is, mmm baby :p jk

  17. you say youre kidding, but i know youre not :D

    you should come down to my crib sometime boo. im flossing mad ice, yo.

    we could roll in my solid platinum lex :smoking:

    $money aint a thing$
  18. did i mention my bling bling watch? straight reppin up in the hood, biotch. bitches aint nothin but hos and tricks, yo.. hell, if you hella fine you can even come chill in my crib- ill even see if i can steal some of my grampas whisky

    *flashes $15 watch
  19. if yes hink at\'s bad yis otta try ta underston i west coast o Scotland accent....it\'s i worst wan a\'ve seen gittin typed....am just sittin ere gittin fucked oot ma coopen on sum good shit.....peace oot.....sid

    and the real meaning of the above.......

    If you\'s think that\'s bad you\'s should try to understand the West coast of Scotland accent....it\'s the worst i\'ve ever seen being typed.....i\'m just sitting here getting fucked out of my face on some good shit......Peace out....Sid

  20. ya ur right im totally serious...

    ...lol suuuuuure buddy
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