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  1. What do you guys think about people that speak in tongues and claim its god talking to/through them? I find it complete bs and i think they're either suffering from some sort of mental illness, or are just delussioned. If they read the bible, which if they are followers of god as much as they say they are then im sure they have, they would know that speaking in tongues isnt that gibber gabber shit they do today. In the bible it says speaking in tongues was god giving someone the ability to speak another language to spread the word of god to your fellow man, okay languages not gibberishI dont believe in god but i have read the bible, gone too church ect and man do i get a good laugh when i see these people speaking gibber and rolling around on the floor.In fact i heard my mother doing it not oo long ago and it basically sounded like she kept saying "shalalabala" over and over again
  2. Yeah it's total bullshit.  One time I attended a church where they spoke in tongues and fell on the floor, I think they were their own independent church but copied mainly Pentacostals.   I laughed so hard and out loud that the lady stopped speaking in her "tongues" and stared at me...this of course just made me laugh harder because it was that much more evidence she was full of shit.
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    I'm sure 99.999% of that in those churches is bs.. and most other ways people claim. And of course I don't believe it has anything to do with "the holy spirit" or god. But I've seen some genuine experiences where people were speaking very creepy sounding. And it sounds like the same "language" each time..... youtube terence mckenna talking about glossolalia. He does a good job explaining it on several videos
  4. speaking in tongues is phony shit. the only "holy spirit" is our one universal consciousness each single one of us share. we are all one mind, behind different brain computersSent from my iPhone.
  5. Whenever anyone talks, gibberish or not, that's a piece of god talking.

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