Speaking Ebonics With Black People

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  1. (i'm white) and i have a habit of speaking ebonics with black people
    i was buying beer at the store and shes like "are you 21" im like "ya do u wanna see ID" and shes like "no" im like "okay so you believe me" and the convo goes on and shes accusing me of lying to her "its your business IF youre gonna tell me a lie" and im like "i didnt tell you no lie" and she gets all interjectional "ANY lie...not NO lie" and i realized i have a bad habit of speaking ebonics to black people. i just walked out of the store.
     does anyone else do this.  i find it funny i just cant help myself i always do it.  black people-would you get offended if a white person did this...btw i dont look racist and im not the WHITEST WHITE BOY in the world, but still im white and from the suburbs.  your thoughts?  do you think she was offended or did she just find it funny to correct a white person or anybody on their ebonics?

  2. Nah, in English I speak the same to everyone.
    In Hebrew, I speak MUCH differently to people older than me than I do to children/siblings/friends. The way I speak to the former could be likened to proper English, whereas the way I speak to the latter could be likened to Ebonics.
  3. lol I do the same thing. talk completely different when my brother friends are around compared to when my crackers are around. I also start getting a country accent around my relatives (bunch of hicks)
  4. haha ya ive done it with mexicans also.  i speak like spanish-english to hispanic people.  i just cant help myself
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    I think everyone does this to a certain extent. My nephew is half black and half white but his family just kind of considers themselves black.

    Anyway, I hear his friends sometimes trying to speak ebonics and it's hilarious. They're total white, middle class kids who are like 7. It's hilarious.
  6. That's not even Ebonics though, you jive turkey.
  7. When you grow up in a predominantly African American neighborhood, it's bound to happen.
  8. my point still remains
    what would ebonics be though?
    can you give an example?
    is saying "finna" is that ebonics?  :lol:
  9. this s kinda off topic but why didn't you just buy the beer?  Did you not have your ID, or are you just under 21?
  10. I have a flaming ghetto side in me, it's hilarious as fuck! But the family doesn't like it though, they think I sound like a crazy hubuku. 
  11. I did buy the beer.  She was calling me a liar for saying I was over 21 when she wasn't asking for my ID.  Idk maybe she was flirting with me or something
  12. Ah I see.  Yeah she prob wanted the D
  13. She was pretty cute.  She had braces but still..
  14. You'd just have to be careful with BJ's..
    Maybe she will be there next time you go to that store, see how she acts
  15. Skip to 1:00
  16. i can do a pretty good black guy voice. i do it at drive thrus sometimes, then when i pull up i use the whitest voice i can possibly think up and the person is like "wtf?" also when telemarkets call me i do the angry brotha voice and sometimes i speak in foreign accents because i have no life and i think its fun.
  17. That's how white trashy people on the east side of Des Moines talk. 
  18. Why are you causing a scene with the lady over the counter?
  19. I don't know about ebonics. Sounds like how I talk when I don't care to be formal.

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