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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by hippytoke420, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. The pictures didn't load for me for some reason?? I did get to see ur info though. 140 watts of fluoros is ok but it would do better with some more lighting. other thanj that sounds ok.
  2. i have some bad news.... think those might be 70w equivilent flouros.... the accual wattage is probably closer to 15watts....

    and the screen is too close to the lights... it needs to be at least 6" away.... and the access to the box will wake training difficult....
  3. you dont need to post the same thread in multiple forums ;)
  4. sorry,

    so does anyone have any suggestions on lighing or is 52 watts enough?
  5. its no big deal...

    welcome to the city!

    and your probably gonna need more light that that...

    what are the dimensions of your box?

    i found out that the bulbs were 26watts
    will 52 watts be ok?
  7. how much space do you have? what are the inside dimensions of your growbox? 52w of flouros will cover 0.75 - 1 sq.ft.
  8. i have a little under 2 ft
  9. whats the W x D x H dimensions of your box?
  10. i like ur stealth box its cool i wish i had one well hope u have luck
  11. with CFLs your gonnna want aboout 70w per sq. ft. of floor space... so if your growbox is 12" wide x 12" deep thenyour gonna want 70w... multiple how amyn in ches your space is widde by how many inches your space is deep... then divide that number by 144... and multiply that number by 70and thatshow many watss of light you need....


    for a grow box 15" wide x 14" deep...

    15 x 14 = 210.

    210 / 144 = 1.45

    1.45 x 70 = 101.5.

    therefor a 15" x 14" box will need 100w of floueent light... ;)

  12. are you using the 50w per sq ft rule then adding a bit becuse its fluro and not hps?

    if you are i have bad news.
    the 50watt rule is based on fluro.
    over the years thats been forgotten and people take it for granted that the rule is applyed mainly to hid lights.
    with hids you dont even need 50
    it makes me laff when i see people with massave lights in small spaces. if they moan about the heat i piss my pants.
    cant tell them though, it would break there poor little hearts.

    all that said i do think the grow is under lit.
    52w is ok but its being wasted.
    dark walls, no reflectors.
    also those cf's seem to be of a poor design and lightwave
    a simple single ring fluro of 43w (about £12) wud make the world of diffrance.

    i love the little fan on a stick though, thats ace.
  13. well, ive flowered under 52w of flouros, and under 78w, same strain, same clones (it was accually at the same time, just 2 seperate smaller boxes...) and i saw a definate inrease in the yeild from the higher wattage box... at least 30%... from the same sq. ft.... to get results that compare in yeild of HID with flouros, id definatly suggest going with 70/ sq. ft. hids are best at about 35/ sq. ft. but with small cabinet growing the boost to 50/ sqft is favorable...
  14. a increse in 30% of watts = 30% extra bud.
    what if a bit of thought will give you that extra 30% without the extra watts.
    as you have grown with fluros you will know how hard it can be to keep that light going towards the plant.
    fix that and you have won the game.
    i personaly dont like cf's for anything other than keeping plants (clones normaly) in lower light.
    they are more suited to flooding an area with low light rather than the spotlight effect you want to veg and flower.
    that is what they were designed to do after all.
    the basic design of a bulb thats 3" wide means that even if you have it 1" away from the plant then atleast half of the light will be 2.5+ inch away and will have to travel through the other parts of the bulb before it reachs the plant.
    a problem to overcome, i hope you agree.
    also having the photons going round tight bends means the loss of energy
    my surjestion of a ring fluro (often found in bathroom fittings, do you know the ones i mean?) solves all of these problems at a stroke.
    even though its "only" 43w's it will throw more light at the plant than 60w of cf's.
    hmmm mayby 70wprsqft isnt that far off after all with cf's, just becuse they are so poor.
    the other point is that extra light can make up for a short fall in other aeras of the grow.
    im not knocking your abilaty to grow. i dont know you and i wudnt be so rude.
    but, did you have any problems with the grow such as heat?
    i would be interested to know as micro grows aint my strong point. im just about to try my 1st box grow so im here to learn.
    i have done a lot with fluros but the box is hps and very much a test grow to learn.
  15. yep, i agree that cfls arent that great, but for tiny ass little grows where heat is a major concern, they only need minimal venting, and yes, spiral CFLs are the worst of the lot, but they are also the cheapest :D
  16. nice idea with the carbon scrubber... did you make it; how? if you bought it; where?

    sorry, sometimes i feel like the eternal n00b here :D
  17. no prob red duder i was lost for like 4 weeks trying to find some flipen activated charbon ... i finally found some peletized stuff which was way cheeper than them black looken sheet things MADE for air scrubben but yeah here ya go


    n if ya lazy


    yup activated carbon best media to use on air filters and i know its for water filters but it dose the same thing believe me and the peletized lasts longer just due to more surface area so buy it up nig-rig it into a filter and u should be set
  18. is it just me or r u trying to grow three plants in a speaker that looks like 1 plant could barely grow in it?
  19. i think that the plants grow faster when their closer, since light decreases in intesity exponentually (i think thats the right word) as the distance is increased... like if the light is twice the distance from the plants, its 1/4 the intensity and so on...

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