Speaker Grow? Advice NEEDED!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by plane7, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Alright guys a few more questions before i go for it..i am going to grab some 12"lx14"wx36"h speakers today and was planning on setting up atleast one for a stealth grow. I am going to go all out with a carbon filter ducting and an inlet and outlet fan so nothing will smell. I am also imagining at least 3x23w cfls for vegging and maybe up to 150 watts for flowering. RIght now the questions i have for you guys are :

    Is this enough usable space? I am shooting for at least 25 grams or so
    should i LST or Scrog? i don't have much floor space to work with?

    Will this much electricty put enough dent in my power bill for anyone to be slightly suspicious? my thoughts were that a standard computer would draw at least 100-200 watts an hour? anyone agree?

    Thanks for reading guys and as long as no major problems appear i will go ahead and provide a full update, schematics, pictures, and maybe even cad drawn blueprints of a badass speaker setup if i get the chance!!
  2. Am I having Déjà vu, didn't I just read this yesterday ...
  3. haha maybe man i was a little tipsy when i wrote it the other night but anyone got any suggestions?:smoking:
  4. it seems like i have deja vu every day since nobody bothers to search or look at the first 1-2 pages :rolleyes:

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