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    Hey guys, this is my first post so... sup broskis

    Anyway my friend and I want to experiment with growing. He has a speaker cabinet that is roughly 21 inches tall and 12 inches wide and 7.5 inches long. Do you think it would be possible to grow 1 plant inside it? (using soil not hydro:p)

    We were looking that these fans
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835150053 pretty cheap, $2.59, reviews say it is quiet and pushes a lot of air. (One blowing air out of the top and one blowing in at the bottom)

    For a light we were thinking CFL but we aren't sure on the wattage necessary for 1 plant, so any recommendations would be great.

    If these dimensions are too small it is possible that we can construct a cabinet but we gotta try to keep it on the down low so no one questions it. Again, we aren't trying to get that much bud, we just want to see if we can do it.

    Edit: To avoid anymore confusions we will not be using the speaker cabinet for anything other than growing.
  2. for cfls its 100 watts per plant and 50 per additonal, hope i helped

    Every screw and nut you place must be accompanied by carpenter's glue. The vibrations caused by the speakers will rumble the threads loose and ruin your plants.

    Also, High humidity from watering WILL softem your speaker cones, be careful to keep humidity down if you want a functioning speaker cab.

    Finally, Make sure the bass sound waves have an exit point. That empty hole in the speakers has a poupose. If sound waves are exiting through your fan, the blades could warp or shatter from cavitating in sound waves.

    PS: sound waves have a punch. Db have a force level and doubble force every Db. Just as a reference, 300 Db will set your hair on fire, and 160 Db will rearrange your body tissue cells. AND Db travel more effectively in water. therefore a watered soil pot will transmit waves easier and ruin your roots.

    Hope that random science helps you succeed

  4. dude i dont think hes gonna try to grow in a cabinet that he is still using
  5. He never said he wasn't.
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    Haha thanks for all that info but the speaker cab we are using has a broken speaker in it, so all that stuff isn't an issue.

    Also thanks to the guy above for the light info.

    Edit: Are there any alternatives to using a carbon filter to hide the smell?

  7. You could always keep a bucket of cat shit in the room. I doubt anyone would notice the odor of pot over that :p

    Ona a more serious note however ONA is a good possible alternative for some people, they make those little sprayers you see in businesses that mist once every 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45min, etc...

    Hope that helps! :smoke:
  8. Use Silica Kitty Litter. (clear stuff) instead of carbon for smaller applications. 4x cheaper
  9. Alright thanks again for the advice... also we just got really nice clone from a friends plant :hello:

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