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Discussion in 'General' started by dpc1192, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. My friend made a poster, and it says Speak Out Against! tagged on it.

    Then he's having people sign what they think is wrong in their minds in the world... (I.E. The Bush Administration, Racism, etc)

    What are some things YOU guys would write on this canvas.
  2. Legalize It.
  3. Any more ideas! Be creative.
  4. skanky assed bitches
  5. George Bush and the beggining of a Facsist America.
  6. This is a good idea, ill probly do it in my city too.
    I would deff put on there "Ignored Depression"
    "School Violence"
    "Unneccesary war"
    "Degrading Statements"
  7. Frank Zappa's faked death
  8. Along with Elvis's too! I swear I saw that guy in Vegas a couple months back :p
  9. Frank Zappa lives down the street from me. He's always cracking wise with the mail man.

    What a fucking asshole.
  10. Lmao, ^^

    Speak out against little whiney bitches like whoever made the poster!
  11. Yeah I saw Elvis pick up a hooker after the show.... turns out "she" was a transvestite. Although, Elvis seemed to care less.
  12. Speak out against free speech!
  13. Speak out against tampon commercials! j/k

    Seriously though, Speak out against War. I have no issues fighting for my country, but it is a matter of who or what we are fighting for... My 2c anyways.
  14. -corporate/religious political lobbies
    -politicians dictating the course of science, as opposed to the other way around
    -affirmative action/'diversity'/forced multiculturalism/'reverse'-racism/Al Sharpton
    -the RIAA and FCC
    -the West Memphis Three ordeal
    -abovetheinfluence and D.A.R.E. indoctrinating children
    -public health classes that push absolutist Christian agendas, preaching abstinence and giving emotionally-charged, anecdotal accounts to discourage sex/drug use
  15. Propoganda!
  16. fucking awesome, man. thats all i have to say

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