Spaz Gets Arrested

Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. Monday late afteroon, about 5-6:30 ish. I was blazing with my 17 year old friend ( we'll all her B). We were in an old people place where we've blazed before. ( NJ weather has been rainy all week) Some old lady called the cops, and they pulled up infront of us. B dropped the bottle, and through the blunt ( landed right by me).

    The cop came up, and the car was hot boxed. He was stern at first, but, I was too stoned to be a dick. He asked me to get out, and I did. I was automatically handcuffed when I told him I was 18. No rights read, but whatever. They found the roach, and searched the car. SHE had a grinder in her purse, but we were BOTH charged with possession under 50g's AND paraphanelia.

    I was in the back, cuffed, stoned out of my mind. The cop asked me if I was okay, and I responded with THIS super trooper response: " I'm Freaking out man!"

    He laughed his ass off. He loosened the cuffs, and we were friendly after that. He mentioned if he had just seen us and no one called, we woulda been let free. I saw B crying, and I felt so bad.

    Fast foward the Processing and shit, Im at the detective's. They wanted me to Narc on some big time Dealer. I would have easily saved my airforce career and shit if I did. I told them I'd get back to them...

    I talked to my recruiter today, and He said he could help me out. So I told the detective I couldn't help him...

    That was my Monday night...
  2. Nice man, just after i told you to try some spice too =P
  3. Ugh, that sucks Spaz. I hope it all works out for you with your military career.
  4. daamn. that old lady was just mad that no one was around to change her depends so she decided to ruin some harmless stoners' day. and then you get slapped with a bullshit charge. from now on don't park and hotbox :confused_2:

    high five for not being a narc!
  5. Hey Spaz, that sucks brah.
    How did your friend turn out?
  6. mhmm so you didnt snitch?
    or you did?
  7. I didn't. It was shown as my only option, but My recruiter is helping me out.

    Yeah it sucks, Her charges were the same, Only she's the driver so she may lose the license for a bit. I'm hoping things work out.
  8. That sucks but at least the cop wasnt a total dick.
  9. damn man that sucks bigtime. I sincerely hope that everything here out works for ya man. That's cool that your recruiter said he could help you too, so all hope is not lost. shouldn't be too much more than a minor set back.
    I know i FREAKED OUT ( in my head only ) first time i got arrested. But i always freak out with shit like that. new situations what not, im kinda psycho, or something i guess.
  10. the recruiters will say anything to you they got to get that quota
  11. Didn't.

    EDIT - +rep to you good sir for not being an asshole and keeping your mouth shut.

    EDIT EDIT - Couldn't rep you, need to spread it more first.
  12. well then ill rep ya cause you followed the code and kept your mouth shut.
    everyone gets pinched some time. learn and move on
  13. thats a real shitty situation mang. good on you for keepin your mouth shut, may that come back to ya some day. ftp make em work for their injust busts.
  14. Thanks guys. The odds are that I'll Get through everything FINE, and That I'll be going in on Oct. 2nd with no problems really. But the What-if's still run through my mind... I might go out for a jog and a cig soon. Today was the first time I showed any emotion since Monday. I was basically seen with a blank stare on my face since monday. Once I talked to my recruiter, Things began to look up.

    I'm still hoping for the best, but will have no definite answer until Sept. 12th. I'll keep in touch and let everyone know how I'm making out. I'll still be an active person here, despite not smoking anymore.
  15. New Jersey laws suck

    In Cali its pretty much just a ticket, underaged or not.

    Depends on the judge really though.
  16. Damn dude....that sucks to see a blade go down like that.
  17. Well, I will still stay on the city. I never thought it would happen to me. I can only tell my fellow blades to be careful, and to pick your spots carefully. I was negligent when I chose, and this is what happens.

    Happy toking to the rest of you. I MAY scrape my bowl tonight and smoke some resin, haha.
  18. Yeah, these things are for learning. everyone goes thru them.

    I used to smoke in my car A LOT. when i got stopped not too long ago, they found 2 seeds. didn't give me a ticket or anything, just told me. and told me to be careful, next time:eek:.

    NOW, i still smoke a lot, lol, but INSTEAD I vacuum my car out religiously. makes me feel so much safer, just from that. 75 cents for piece of mind, woot!
  19. that sucks. if they just found the roach, you probably would have got out. paraphenelia will fuck you over.

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