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Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by HighSchool, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone catch it tonight? I'm waiting for the torrent to hit the interwebz.

    I was just gonna bump season 2s thread but with the new lead and all.


    Should be a good one.
  2. You couldve seen it a week ago hahaha. It was pretty good. Def not as good as first season
  3. Meh i'll probably watch it online sometime. Not really a great series, mainly stuck around for all the sex and 300 style violence
  4. First episode had a lot going on, hopefully they slow down the storyline a little.

    I know a lot happened in the Third Servile War but I feel like they're going to rush it a little bit to fit everything in.
  5. I enjoyed the first one. Makes me wanna order Starz just for that, but I'll just have to wait til the dvd comes out because there's like no megavideo and stuff anymore. I'm a sad sad panda..
  6. Last episode was a little better than the first one I thought. Still though, its like I went from watching an A list movie in theaters to its direct-to-DVD sequel at home, hell Gods of the Arena was better.

    It seems like they're making up for the plot and terrible acting by making it gory as fuck, that one dude got his eyed poked out in the first 2 minutes of the show. I'm calling it tho, Gannicus breaks out Oenomaus.

    Torrents, torrents, torrents.

    I do not condone the use of torrents.
  7. I saw the first episode of Season 3, it was good. Mostly I'm just glad to see the show back on.

    The new guy sucks big floppy donkey dick. Seriously, he will take some getting used to. It's not his fault, he's just not Spartacus.

    Also this episode seemed like it could use some more tits.
  8. [quote name='"Fëanor"']. It's not his fault, he's just not Spartacus.

    the show is forever tainted because of this.

    But even so,I'm starting to dig the new guy. Kinda weird how Spartacus doesn't seem to care anymore about his old woman though. That was a majority of his drive originally.

    Last episode was fucking sick though, onomaoius(?) in the pits and past was awesome. And then Asher coming in at the end was a complete surprise to me. Then I remembered how he escaped during the massacre so it made sense. Nice to see more familiar characters. Seemed like they started the show with only a few recurring characters but now about half the crew is back in it.
  9. I just can't wait until Gannicus shows up!

    I like the new season. The new guy is no Andy Whitfield, but he's trying.

  10. Me either. I was rewatching Gods of the Arena and before Gannicus is given his freedom, Crixus bitches about them never being able to have 'proper contest' after he was eliminated early from the Primus.

    Hopefully they have their fight this season, its sorta like the tiebreaker. Each have a win over the other.
  11. This is by far the worst of the 3 seasons so far to me.

    I hate who they have acting as spartacus.

    He's just so weak in everyway. He has a power lacking from his voice and he's in terrible shape compared to everyone else.

    Also I feel like outside of the lutus they've lost a lot of structure. It's harder for them to come up with a good story line.

    I still like it though and it seems to be growing stronger as each episode goes by so I'll continue to watch it.

  12. Right, its like the actors no longer care, its more flat. I don't see them doing a season 4, and I'm not sure I want one, unless shit gets way better.

    Is the actress playing Naevia the same one too? She looked different.

    I gotta admit though, this episode was the best one yet. It was exciting to watch the escape from the mines, fucking Ashur just showing up then Crixus is like "Ashur!!!", I thought they were gonna rewrite history when he started wailing on him with the stone so I was relieved when he just knocked him out.
    Big mistake though, now Oenomaus and his best student are together again, unless Spartacus was his best student. Hes gotta beat up Gannicus first though, seems like he was okay with it when he said "What does a slave know of love?"
  13. [quote name='"HighSchool"']
    I thought they were gonna rewrite history when he started wailing on him with the stone so I was relieved when he just knocked him out. Big mistake though, now Oenomaus and his best student are together again, unless Spartacus was his best student. Hes gotta beat up Gannicus first though, seems like he was okay with it when he said "What does a slave know of love?"[/quote]

    Rewrite history? What does that mean?

    And at the last part, what are you talking about? Gannicus is not around anymore. That was the champion in the season they made foreshadowing the rise of the house of batiatis. The seasons with Spartacus and crixus must take place at least fifteen years after that. Or are you talking about the few scenes showing onamaous' past? I don't think theyre going to show any more of that.
  14. Crixus and those two other guys scheming about his wife are pretty much carrying this show right now.

    You can tell the new guy playing Spartacus is trying, but its gonna be hard for him to live up to Andy. They really haven't given him many good scenes to prove his acting in aside from slashing up a few bad guys here and there.

    Also Ilythia is fucking dope. Shes a conniving maniacal bitch but shes dope.
  15. With some nice titties hahaha^

  16. Lol, you know these characters are based on real people right? If Crixus had died in the mines then they would have effectively rewritten history.

    Gannicus will be back, again history, plus he hasn't had proper contest with Crixus :p. As for how much time has elapsed between Gods of the Arena and this season, I don't know, but 15 years seems like a stretch.
  17. Based on real people? Ya. They know the distinct history of a few individual gladiators from ancient Rome, their friendships and enemies, their love lives, and can follow a single ludus for a full two generations or more. I dont think so. Granted the overall plot line of gladiators terrorizing Rome may be true, no way in hell the writers know about such a detailed drama from over two thousand years ago.

  18. Exactly, artistic liberties are taken in any historical drama. I don't believe everything I'm watching is EXACTLY how it played out in real life or if its even real at all, characters must be made up, locations changed and events altered. But I didn't think they'd kill Spartacus' second in command before the rebellion was in full swing, he lives to lead his own army then dies in combat is certainly more fitting than he broke into a mine to break out is girlfriend then was killed himself in the process. Gannicus is also a figurehead in the rebellion, that's why i know he'll be back, whether or not Oenomaus and him were actually friends in real life then their relationship changed over a women, I can't attest to that, I wasn't there watching these events go down.

  19. Honestly, the show has been dragged out because of the back story of Spartacus being displayed. The only part in history they really kept to was the ludus being overrun by the gladiators. I'm assuming everything since then has been made up.

    Many people believe Crixus was never a gladiator in the ludus, but also a fugitivus wandering the land with his army. He eventually met up with Spartacus and joined forces. IDK if its true but if they want to keep to the actually historical storyline, they'll introduce Castus sometime in the future, and like you said Gannicus will return.

    The one thing I keep wondering about is which story they'll follow. Appian and Plutarch each give very different stories as to how the rebellion played out...
  20. Wow, you were right about Gannicus. I could have sworn batiatis showed Spartacus Gannicus' tombstone/statue, saying how much honor he had brought to the house of batiatis and that one day Spartacus may do the same. Guess that was a different guy.

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