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    Yesterday was a strange day. A good day, but also kinda disappointing because I witnessed two of my close friends argue on a silly situation that occurred yesterday. I'll start from the beginning. Hope you enjoy.

    So, yesterday began like every other day. I woke up, poured a cup of juice and logged on my computer to wake up before making plans for the day. As I wake up and search the forums for new threads, I give my buddie a call. We'll call him 'Ralph'. So, I call up Ralph and ask if he wants to hang out. Sure enough, he agrees and tells me to come over to 'Tims' house, who is a good friend of mine as well.

    So I head on over and hook up with Ralph and Tim's brother 'Joel'. Me and Ralph go into Joel's room to smoke a little bit. Ralph asks if he sparks me up now, I'll cover for him later. We planned on smoking later with Tim so I decided thats fair since my bud was in Tim's room and I did not want to go through the hassle of getting it. So, we smoke a little bud with Joel and finally go upstairs to Tims room to smoke with him.

    This is where it gets disappointing. My buddie Ralph calls sparks on the blunt we were about to roll. Tim was about to throw down some of his home growns, but instead tells Ralph how he can't get sparks if he is not throwing down bud. Ralph counters with it is technically his bud, I'm just sparking him up this time because he sparked me up downstairs.

    Tim continues to argue that thats not right, regardless. His side of the story was since he is technically being sparked up, that moves him below me, since i'm the one sparking him up, thus stopping him from calling sparks on this blunt.

    They keep going at it for a good 25 minutes till I finally break it up and tell them lets just give Ralph sparks this time, to calm them down and settle with peace. Unfortinately Tim decides that he'll give him sparks but he is gonna roll his own blunt and smoke his homegrowns to the face. Ah man, that just ticked off Ralph and I. We wanted to end it, not continue being silly.

    So, we roll our blunts, and both lightup. Tim is smoking his homegrown, and Ralph and I are A-Bing a blunt of our own Ak47.

    Tim asks if I can get a hit of the Ak47, he'll give me some of his homegrowns from his blunt. So, this is when Ralph and Tim start arguing yet again. Ralph says thats not right cause we are both A-Bing that blunt together, so its not right just for one person, me, to get some if he can't have any either.

    Tim counters with its okay because I can do what I want with my half. I settle it with if its okay if Ralph and I smoke out of Tims bong to finish the roach, if he'll let me have some homegrowns. We figured this was the best route because it'd make us even. Ralph would be using Tims bong, thus making it fair only I get a hit from his homegrowns in his blunt.

    So, thats the story. I was disappointed in seeing these guys go back and forth to piss each other off. I really care for these guys, they are my smoking buddies, I hate to see them argue.
  2. Stupid shit.
  3. That's dumb, that much arguing over a few hits off a blunt damn.
  4. i dont get how people get so anal over weed...usually for my group it's whoever rolls it starts it up, unless we're using someone elses bud and they want the first hit...we really dont care about that shit lol....

    our only problems are n**** lipping. this one kid in our group flips out everytime it gets a lil wet and he'll sit there and dry it out with a lighter while the blunts burning...

    sorry bout the n**** lipping...people around here call it that for some reason, even the black kids
  5. Smoke first. Try to argue later. :D

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