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Sparkling budz

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by rottweilerpit, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. some bud i picked up whilst we wait for the karly mist to flower/bud in late this from a reserve supplyer,the weed is always good but this is the best by far,
    the buds are green/very dark orange and brown with lots of pipe and your not just very high the house will smell for 4-5 hours no joke...but i like that as i love the smell of weed.when my friend came round with it he went up to my music studio were we were going to weigh and half it,wene i got up stairs to the studio i could smell cats piss,i was like what... that fucking cat,but my mate is like no thats not cats piss its this...and out came the bag of weed lol he was smellin the room out and it was just in his pocket:)
    its nice weed its got a citrus/pinnaple/weed/cats piss lol smell
    not for the fainthearted ................peace

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  2. really bad pic man hard to see if its anygood or not = (
  3. Nice tight little nuggets.
  4. indeed the picture is a bit hard to see.. but from what I can see they do look like some nice nugs.. later on

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