"sparking" joint?

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  1. yeah, so i was smoking a joint today and it, "sparked", like a small explosion. what the fuck was it?
    i don't thing it was a seed cuz there were no seed in the mix, and there wasn't a popping sound
  2. Rat poison most likely. Very common indeed. HA jk!
    Who knows.
  3. What kind of weed was it? Dry, improperly cured weed will do that.
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    it was probably a seed. i've had one explode and hit me in the face before during a bong toke lol

    edit: oh yeah, if it just barely sparked it could be because the bud wasn't flushed properly or it was still kinda fresh.
  5. i was tweake dout there for a sec because there's rat poison in my house
  6. It "sparked" because the weed was "the bomb."

    Have a nice summer. :)

  7. lololol +rep
  8. its that bomb ass weed of course
  9. ha ive seen smokes do that before, never a joint tho
  10. Your smokin bugs fool :D
  11. I have weed do this a few times, most likely reason was the weed was not flushed / dried / cured properly, fertilizer that is not flushed out during the last 10-14 days of the plant growing, can make the bud spark.

    It is possible it was sprayed with something, but as often as people say that, i have never met a single person who thought spraying stuff on weed wasn't a retarded and worthless endeavor.
  12. i smoked a bowl once without checking it for seeds turns out one was in it and it exploded the bowl everywhere true story
  13. a seed, damp weed, maybe even a stem, nothing major, it happens.
  14. OK- although you can never be certain what happened, I've got a unique explanation to offer. I only say this because you said you were smoking a joint.

    Did you use the lighter to dry the wet glue on the papers? If so, then you could have seen a flare of some stray flint material.

    A friend of mine once showed me an interesting trick with a cigarette- He licked the outside of the paper gently to get it wet, then he took a lighter and kept sparking the flint all over the place. Never actually lighting up a flame, but just sparking flint strikes all over the place. Then he gave it a minute to dry on its own. The end result? When he smoked it, here and there, the cigarette would pop and flare like a sparkler. Cool clubbing trick I guess...

    Anyway- that's why I said it'd make sense since it was a joint, I'd say the same for a blunt too. Both involve some spit and flame work with a lighter. I've seen joints and blunts sparkle when I'm drying them but that's because I always put the flame all over that shit to dry it off.

    Awwwww shit- now I gotta go grab a butt and do this one... For old times sake...

    So was it the flint or not? Idunno- +REP for giving me something to ponder :)



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