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spared by a cop.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chron Burgundy, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I know it's dumb to smoke in the car but sometimes I just can't wait. So yesterday I smoked a joint in my car with a couple of my friends, and went and parked to smoke a bowl. As we were sitting there a cop rolled up almost to my bumper and turned on his lights. I was thinking how fucked I was just sitting there silently. I waited for him to get out but he just sat there. Everyone in my car didn't move, the only thing I managed to say was "guys. that's a cop" As we awaited our imminent fate the dude put his car in reverse and whipped out of the parking lot....just wanted to share my freakish luck
  2. Finding a good person (especially cop) like that is rare, youre SOOO lucky :p
  3. He prob. just got another call. luckyyy
  4. Sir, that was your lucky day.
  5. I got a little tight butt hole reading that I must admit man, you are one lucky sob my friend. Haha
  6. I hope that helped you learn your lesson!!
  7. Haha, I remember back in high school when a cop caught my friends and I smoking a bowl. We all shit ourselves, thinking "Oh God, we're about to get F'd in the A by the long, black dick of the law." All he did was tell us to get out of the park because we were making him want to quit his job and start smoking bud again, hahaha.
  8. ^ thats awesome.
  9. The town I work in is very liberal and tolerant of homeless people, cops leave people alone when they're parked in the middle of the night, even if they're hanging outside the car, cop just drives past. I've been on the overnight for 3 years now and I find it remarkable how little the cops fuck with people. It's like, if there are no complaints and you didn't assault somebody, you get left alone. Cops in that town focus on actual crimes instead of looking for people to fuck with... so I get high in my car every night.

    OP, did you feel the blood start flowing again when he pulled away? LOL, I've had cops called away from me when i should've been arrested, one that stands out is a liquor store robbery. Lucky day :smoke:
  10. Maybe he got a call in the area that was more important than some stoners. Hopefully most officers can prioritize their time properly.
  11. He probably thought ahead to all the paperwork for a minor marijuana bust and decided to leave it at scaring the crap out of you, hoping that might influence your future choices.
  12. :laughing:He pulled a "super troopers" on you.
  13. i would have been like on 3....everyone get out and run

    just so when he starts chasing them you get that moment to run away

    all you need to remember is the one rule and you will always make it out alive (unless your by yourself of course..... - You don't have to be fast...just faster then one of your friends

    this rule can apply in many cases to

  14. Unless there's more than one person chasing you (cop or otherwise) :p

  15. That's a terrible idea. You'd have to leave your car behind and then it would get impounded.
  16. You got lucky as hell he prob got another call... I almost hit an undercover cop car a silver charger. I was gonna turn to make a left i was on my phone and just glanced to my right wen i went the cop stopped so i wouldnt hit him and turned on his lights and speeds off after i pull over...
  17. Good thing none of you moved.
    If he'd seen you all scrambling around hiding shit, he proly wouldn't have just left.
    Stay calm, grasshopper:cool:

  18. they can't see you if you don't move.:laughing:

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