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  1. I've been thinking about growing my own product for a while now.. Not only to get away from sketchy dealers but I also think that it would be pretty sweet to grow my own.. I saw what seemed to be simplest for me. A "bubble bucket." I found this guide:*step-step*.html

    Which seems to be a very solid choice and comes highly rated. Plus, I think I could manage the minor engineering to make such a thing.

    However, I have questions.

    1. After you make the bucket what comes next?
    2. Do I need a typical grow room with Mylar and lights and fans and whatnot still??
    3. What kind of nutrients do you use?
    4. Can you do something like this in a closet?
    5. How do you/ What do you do to plant in the net pot??

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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    1) Bucket : Use black grow bucket 5 gal, Lid-solid lid/basket combo ( home made lid/basket will create complications such as basket will fall trough in to the bucket when plant get bigger), micropore air diffusers are the best ( much better than crappy blue air stones ) but it will require powerfull air pump. 2)You do not need that but Mylar does reflect 95% of the light . Tent would be a better chose - easy to set it up, good odor and light control. 3) Try Technaflora starter kit , it comes with feeding schedule and everything that you need for your plants to gro. You do not have to think what to do just follow the schedule . At first use 1/3 ,1/4 it the recommended PPM level and then go up by 150-200 ppm every week till you get to 1400ppm . 4) Problem with the closet -Odor and light leak , difficult to set up, ventilation and high temperature problems , you might gonna cut holes ... 5)Germinate your seed by placing it in to wet paper towel and sticking it in to a plastic bag with in 25-72 hours seed will germinate , after seed germinates place it in to rockwool ( presoak rockwool in PH adjusted water (ph5.8) . Add hydroton on the bottom of the basket 1.5" place rockwool in and add more hydroton . Add 3 gallons of water , add nutrients wait for 5 minutes , check PH , adjust ph to 5.8 ( stay on this level for a better result). Stick your bucket under the light and that is it . Check and adjust your PH every 24 hours . With in first 3 days moist your rockwool ( nutrient solution from the bucket )
  3. OP you should read the thread you linked to.... start to finish... all questions are answered... and I believe all your questions have been answered by a single poster in this thread... Well deserved rep RO76, nice answers and you took the time to spell things out, keep it up
  4. bubble buckets are simple and easy. i like them. and no mylar is necessary as long as you have lights over and close enough to the plant.

    Grow rooms are just what they are, Custom rooms for you to achieve the perfect plants.

    Being that your a beginner you don't need all the fancy shit, You need the bare minimum. Plus a PH METER.

    Its a weed. you can literary throw seeds in the yard and there is a chance they will sprout. Basically all I'm trying to say is there is no MUST HAVES for this. I mean sure if you want a good yield yes you will want good product. But you could also grow a little stemy airy plant too.

    From what i have figured out in all of this, You get out as much as you put in. That applys to money and time haha.

    Also, if you look around on here you will probably even find people doing it with 1 little tiny CFL with tinfoil and shit. There's allot of variables but my advice would be to read about the different set ups, and find out exactly what you want to do and what seems easiest,
    no one on the forum can say what you SHOULD do because everyone does they're own method.

    That being said, i like bubble buckets but i have also used the DIY DWC tub and it works just fine with a T5 over it.

    Happy growing. :)
  5. Thanks RO76 I REALLY appreciate all the information!! I'm still trying to decide between the bubble bucket or a little box or something.. There are sooo many variables to consider and i'm trying to gather all the info I can before jumping into it. I find growing to be really interesting and who doesn't want to be the proud daddy of a beautiful plant??

    Tihspeed.. You're right.. But, I figured by creating my own post I could have all of my specific questions answered instead sifting through that giant post.

    Croox69, thanks for the encouragement!! I will be researching it more and hopefully have my own one of these days!
  6. The first step is just trying man.

    Go take a look at my grow, Link is in the signature, That's all i'm working with so far and i'm really happy with it. I've already upgraded and put in like an additional 200$ and its only been 2 weeks or so. haha
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    Lol Yea I have a feeling I will continue to invest until i'm totally satisfied with the finished product.. I'm actually excited for it! Your grow just started?? That's cool man, I'll follow along! It's looking good so far too, congrats! And very nice upgrade! In your grow I see the rock-wool I think it's called.. But, what are the little brown things around it?? How did you set up the interior of the rubber maid container???
  8. Also, Sour D is one of my favorite strains
  9. There is a whole thread somewhere on here on a DIY hydro bucket...try searching.
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    i just cut out circles with my knife the a bit under the size of the net pots so they slide in, put 2 airstones in the bottom about the size of the tub. ducting tape all over the top to stop lights. holes in the sides for airtubes.

    The brown shit is hydrotron rocks. the white circles around the top was just a little thing i do, to reflect light on seedlings and to block direct light to the net pots. My theory is sunlight wont fully hit the water therefore i don't have to put as many hydrotron in my netpots to begin with.

    Less is more man.! :cool:

    And personally i love my new T5 its doing allottttttt of work.
  12. And Thanks, Yeah this is my first grow and i just started, i just read allot and generally retain information well, plus i love plants and growing things and weed haha. This is probably the most fun and rewarding hobby I've taken up. it pretty much takes up all your time to some extent. but its well worth it. i love to see them grow.
  13. watts are watts... the more you can handle the better(make sure temps remain low) so go with the T5's.... once adding the second plant you definitely need more wattage... the minimum(rock bottom) is 100 watts for the first plant and fifty for every plant after that... so definitely the T5's with two plants

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