Spank Tha Monkey Contest!!!!!

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by T.H.C.addict, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. I cant gat higher than 478Mph
  2. I just spanked the monkey at 731 mph! The secret is all in the wrist.
  3. Believe me, it's true I tell u, I got 5150 or something in the 5100 area. I think the site is glitched. I did the spanking and accidentally press the right button around a certain time and it gave me the 5100. I can prove this to you guys if you guys tell me where the saved desktop pictures are stored. I forgot.
  4. Damnit- I could only get 365 mph. Well its not great, but I'm proud, considering i don't spank any monkies
  5. 580.........but my first attempt was 69,coincidence??? I THINK NOT!!!
  6. im averagin in the 300's guess i need more practice.=)

  7. i got 1061...but i kinda best without cheatting was somewhere in the 200's...
  8. I can't get any higher than 212 mph...
  9. i got like 1000, thanks for wasting my time it was fun =]
  10. 637 WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!

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