Spanish River Carbonatite......?

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  1. I have read lots of mixed reviews saying it's just lime and then other reviews saying it's great stuff to use for trace minerals and because it's a volcanic rock dust (apparently volcanic is the shit)

    How do I use SRC? Do I add it to my rock dust ratio or do I add it to my lime ratio of mixing my soil?
    Should I even use SRC?
    Can anyone explain like I'm a 5 year old exactly what it is?

    Thank you!
  2. I recommend reading through the rock dust thread it's invaluable. Based on what I gained there it is highly important that the size of the dust be 200 mesh or <75 microns or else the nutrients will not be available to the plants for a very long time. The webpage says that -

    Passes 10 mesh Tyler screen......... 97.08%
    Passes 60 mesh Tyler screen.........62.15%

    So almost 40% is larger than 60 mesh based on this alone I would look elsewhere for something finer. I am still looking for a cheap local supplier to avoid the exorbitant shipping costs. I just recommend that you just keep looking it seems like many people are able to find granite meal as an alternative and most sing the praises of basalt if you can find it. Here is the rock dust thread for your reference.

    Rock Dust

    Also as far as my limited knowledge goes Lime is CaCO3 aka calcium carbonate which is 50% of what that Spanish river carbonatite is.
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