Spanish project, need help!

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  1. Ok, in order to graduate from High school on thursday I need to do this spanish project which is 33%. I have to do a powerpoint (15 slides) on this artist Frida Kahlo. The catch is that all of it has to be in spanish, which I really suck at.

    Im hoping to find someone on this forum who speaks spanish fluently or very well at least. It would be great if I could type my powerpoint up in English and send it to someone and have them translate it for me. Any help would be nice, and some $$ may also be involved in this.

  2. Shit man, that sounds ruff. I cant help you with the translation, maybe you should try one of the free online ones, even tho they suck u can translate the big stuff and fill in the blanks with your own knowledge. If you need any help finding information on this guy i will be glad to help
  3. Thanks for the offer man, its actually some bisexual bitch which is funny cause the teacher who assigned it is also a dyke/bisexual. Yeah at the bottom of the page it said any hint that a translator was used and you get a 0 which is pretty fucking gay if you ask me. I also have my principal for a teacher now since my regular teacher got preggy and the replacemnt(the lesbian) went crazy.
  4. Dude, thats no problem at ALL. Just type your whole thing in english, then go here:
    And translate it.
    I made 2 full reports in this, it makes errors but you can just say they're your errors, but just in case theres not flagrant fuckups in it, proofread it after the translator.

  5. Nice man, thanks for the link. Im almost done with it in english. Just 2 more slides.

    Does this translater cover up the fact that it was translated pretty well?
  6. just talk about what paintings he did which will be in spanish and tell the dates thats all, and maybe something about the painting,

    i'm a somewhat spanish speaker and an art lover, never heard of the guy, you should have done your project on goya, then i could help out, cause he's the man
  7. Yeah sorry I didnt notice they were checking for translator clues, I used google cuz it was an oral report, an my teacher didnt really care, or know of translators.
  8. i know spanish
  9. dude use a spanish dictionary, your teacher probably has one i'm sure, or go to a library, i bet they one there. translate the main words and then fill in the blanks. make the english extremely simple and basic so it won't be hard to translate. Turn in something. it doesn't matter if its shitty. Dont use a translator either, i used to take spanish and teachers can definitly tell, i've seen more than a few get sniped for that. but basically don't use the translator and turn in whatever you can finish. I don't know your teacher but if you have all 15 slides, it is in on time, and the words are in spanish, no matter how bad the sentences are i bet you will get at least a c of some kind.

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